4 Crafty DIY Gift Tags for the Long Weekend

There are days when ideas constantly flow out of our heads and then there are days when we hit a wall. Almost literally. For this long weekend, if you’re stuck for ideas on what to do and not a fan of the upcoming heat, take heed – we’ve got four tricks up our sleeve.

Easy enough to recreate and personalise, fun enough to hold your attention for birthdays or housewarming, and maybe get you hooked for your own treasures.

3D Vintage Appeal  

Here, we snipped off a flower bud from one of our rose bunches and used hot glue to stick on to a metallic gold gift tag. We like to think we’re taking a page out of The Secret Garden, but don’t let us stop you there.

Couple with a string cord long enough to wrap around a present box or a mason jar filled with your treasured items and you’ll create a hint of romance for your room or better yet, for that special someone. It’s a recipe that takes 5mins to make and taps into our sense of touch. A walk in the park, really.

3D Vintage Appeal

Hot glue gun and glue sticks, brown twine, kraft paper and rose bunch

Hearty Loveliness 

The saying, “less is more” definitely resonates for this pink cut-out tag. Featuring our brown jute ribbon being resized to a small square shape, it’s taped snugly behind for those who adore simplicity without compromising creativity. Of course, feel free to use a different textured craft paper, thick ribbon (cut to suit the shape) or pattern, such as stripes and let your imagination run its course.

Just make sure you use a pencil to trace the shape you want to cut and have the craft paper/ribbon of choice that fits the shape. Before you know it, you’ll make nine variations and won’t be able to pick your favourite!

Hearty Loveliness

Pink kraft tag, scissors, hot pink cotton twine, jute ribbon, craft knife and double-sided tape 

Retro Vs. Rustic

Hint: this one is extra special.

What do you get when you mix neon colours with natural Kraft paper and paper doily elements? A playful and retro personality that spells “FUN.” This little cutey took us a little more effort to create – but we reckon it was all worth it.

First, we folded the doily in half (you can also cut the paper in half and use for another tag or similar) and wrapped it around our natural Kraft tag at the three-quarter mark. There’s the option of placing the paper doily at the halfway or lower third of the tag – all depending on your preference. Once you’re happy with the height of the paper doily, glue or use double-sided tape to hold in place. We’ve used double-sided tape in this example.

The last step is where it gets interesting. Have a look around at the supplies you have. Whether you’ve got a plain, bright coloured paper-based card, patterned art paper, or even a writing pad; snip a rectangular shape, write a key word or the recipients name and tuck the piece of paper behind the paper doily. Open up the Kraft tag and continue your special message or cheeky drawing. Completely up to you.

Rustic Vs. Retro

Folded gift tag, twine, paper doily, scissors and double-sided tape

Glitter Glamour

We loved this one because it got a little messy. And by messy, we mean a glittery mess! Trust us, doing this with a friend guarantees more laughs.

Take our advise when we warn against using a hot glue gun for glitter. On our first attempt, we used a hot glue gun and when it dried with the glitter, it wasn’t flat. Total disaster. We resulted to our adhesive glue, which created the effect we wanted. The content is clear and we used the back of a plastic spoon to spread and flatten the texture. Before it dried, we sprinkled glitter over the card and used the back of the spoon again to spread it evenly across the surface.

Dust the extra glitter away or blow gently, and there you have it. Chic with the right amount of sparkle. Imagine them in bulk for wedding favour gift tags?!


Glitter, kraft tag, twine, floral adhesive and plastic spoon

On a last note, unlike us, if you’ve got average drawing skills, then you’ve got to scribble in that top half of the tag. Don’t leave it empty like us. We were just too shy to show our sketching skills…

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