5 Reasons To Support Your Local Florist This Valentine's Day

5 Reasons To Support Your Local Florist This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! The big question is: where are you going to buy your fresh flowers? Choosing your fresh flowers can quickly become overwhelming: the choices of flowers and gifts are endless.

We believe that buying flowers for this Valentine’s Day should be about the experience and not the price.
Your loved ones are special and so should their flowers be. Having that extra special gift put together with care and attention is fulfilling.

Here are 5 reasons to support your local florist:

1. Local florists are more knowledgeable and passionate about flowers.

Florist businesses focus on selling flowers and plants.
When buying your fresh flowers, you have the guarantee that your flowers have been professionally taken care of (stored at the right temperature, given the right amount of food, water being changed frequently) and this means your bouquets should last longer.

2. Local florists will give you a personalised service and caring tips.

You will gain valuable advice from them on the type of flowers you can offer on Valentine’s Day. Apart from the classic red roses, they can help you with special requests to make your flower gift extra special. They also know how to match flower bouquets & wrapping options with personalities.

3. Local florists will work around your budget.

Florists can create a bouquet to suit your budget so you don’t have to be limited to premade arrangements. They are very flexible and will happily work around your budget to create that special personalised bouquet.

4. Flexible Delivery Options

The delivery of your bouquet can be catered for if you are not around or would like it to be delivered somewhere special or at a specific time. Your florist will ensure the flowers are protected during transport and they will minimise transport time.

5. Support your local community

Buying your next bouquet for Valentine’s Day from your local florist is rewarding as you are supporting your local community and local families. They appreciate your business and will always strive to give you the upmost service.


If you are buying flowers to your local florist for Valentine’s Day this year, you’ll be ahead of the game! Many website directories are popping up to help you locate your local florists, and you can start visiting the Australian Florist Network or the Flower Shop Network to see the closest florists in your area.

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