an infographic about the 6 types of candles

6 Types of Candles: A Candle for Every Occasion

We have added a wide range of candles to our online store. From scented candles to soy wax candles, to unscented candles, we have a candle for every occasion.

With all that candle action happening over on the store we thought it would be a great time to show you our candle infographic on the Koch blog.

This infographic breaks down the six most common types of candles and shows you how you can use them! You’ll be able to read up on which types of candle are best for each occasion/setting, what the burn times are for the types of candles and how to choose the best candle wax for you. Not to mention, you’ll also get some uncommon uses for your candles, tips on how to burn your candles safely and much more.

Check it out below:

an infographic about the 6 types of candles

At Koch & Co, we’re proud to offer you a range of beautiful candle products. From small candles such as votive candles and tealight candles, to larger traditional candles like pillar candles and taper candles, we have them all here. We also have both scented paraffin wax candles and unscented candles! If you’re after candles that last all day and night, we have realistic flameless candles too!

No matter which types of candle you choose, they’re sure to add the perfect finishing touch to your home decor or brighten any room. To bring the best out of any soy candle, you can’t go past pairing them with our candle holders, lanterns & hanging candles and candle accessories.

Download this infographic on the 6 types of candles.

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People also asked:

How to decorate flameless candles?

Decorating flameless candles is simple and offers more versatility than standard candles, because you won’t have to worry about the wax melting and messing up the design. Tie bows around them, glue on jewels, paint something beautiful or put a ring of burlap around flameless candles to dress them up.

How to decorate candles for Christmas?

You can add pine needles around the base to give them a natural Christmastime look. You could also choose to tie red ribbons around it like a bow, or use safe paints to write classic Christmas greetings on the wax.

How to decorate a table with candles?

We have a list of ideas when it comes to decorating your table with candles. Whether it’s for a dinner party, a wedding or simply for everyday – read our blog on how to decorate a table with candles for some great ideas!

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