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AGRA-WOOL – NEW EcoFriendly Floral Foam Coming to Koch!

We have some exciting news that is sure to make many environmentally conscious florists bloom with happiness! Koch & Co are pleased to announce that by late October 2020 we will be stocking Agra-Wool International’s NEW eco-friendly product “100% Natural Floral Foam™”.

This new natural product is a benign material that is non-toxic and made from 97% basalt mineral rock fibres. To create this new product, the powdered basalt rock is spun into fibres at high heat and bound with a sugar-binding agent.

Once the binding material has degraded, the product becomes rock dust that can be added back into the soil. Furthermore, this material is environmentally friendly in waterways and safe for incorrect disposal as it poses no risk if ingested by animals.

The product is intended for:

  • Dry flowers
  • Silk flowers
  • Live flowers

The benefits and features of the product, as identified by the manufacturer, are:

  • Absorbs water quickly
  • The foam is almost as firm as regular floral foam
  • The product does not crumble or leave microfibres in water
  • Can be disposed of in a normal landfill
  • Is compostable in small quantities
  • It is easy and safe to handle
  • No PPE equipment is required under normal industry use
  • To avoid fibre dust, cut the foam using a sharp knife
  • The fibres and powdered rock dust should NOT be inhaled
  • If you suffer from skin irritation, wash hands after use

The disadvantages of the product, as identified by the manufacturer, are:

  • Placement of stems requires more care as the foam may collapse
  • May not be suitable for all floral arrangement projects that require the stability of regular foam

Based on general feedback and trials, this new product may not be the solution for everyone. However, this is a sustainable alternative to regular floral foam and is a step in the right direction when it comes to being more environmentally conscious.

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