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Aussie Christmas Decorating Tips

There are a lot of great things to be said about celebrating a summery, Southern Hemisphere Christmas. The long daylight hours, summer holidays, post-turkey siestas… it’s easy to love an Australian Christmas. To add a touch of summer to your Christmas decorating this year, you don’t need to resort to kitsch, surfing Santa ornaments. Just blend your favourite summery themes, such as the beach, with Christmas! We’ve compiled a few ideas to get you started.

Bush flowers

Floral wreaths, eucalyptus garlands and other floral decor abound at Christmas time. For an extra Aussie flavour, how about making a Christmas wreath out of artificial native flowers? Holly and poinsettia are great – but a Christmas centrepiece or wreath featuring kangaroo paw, banksia, waratah, wattle or eucalyptus garland is an original take on festive decorating that will give your décor a uniquely Australian flavour.
Tropical Christmas

Colour palette

Ornaments in the right colour scheme can really help pull your take on Christmas decorating together. If your Australian theme runs to the tropical, you might want to consider a palette in hotter colours. We’ve pulled together an outdoor Christmas table above based on turquoise and burnt orange, and added bright decorative bird picks for a fun tropical touch. These colours also compliment arrangements made of native flowers. Choose Christmas baubles in beachy colours like blue and green, or keep to a sandy-inspired silver and gold theme. Silver and gold baubles in copper trays below, are perfect for a laid-back and casual table display.


It’s not an Aussie summer without the beach – and nothing says the beach like shells do. There are plenty of ways you can blend beachy motifs with your Christmas decorations. For example, make a Christmas tree ornament by gluing some festive ribbon to a large shell and then decorating it with smaller shells, pearls or beaded florist wire. You can glue shells directly on to baubles or ornaments, or do as we’ve done here and add larger shells to metallic or satin cord and wrap it around your Christmas candles. Crushed shells also make a great anchor for candles displayed in glass containers. It also means a lot of the pieces you’re investing in can be used year-round!
Aussie Christmas

Scented candles

Anyone can tell you that scent plays a major part in setting the right atmosphere. Just like there are perfumes that are best worn during a certain season, different scented candles suit different times of the year. When making Christmas centrepieces and decorating your house for Christmas, choose candles with light scents that work with (rather than against) the smells of summer – for example, coconut. Browse our range for some of the best scented candles Australia offer!
There are loads of opportunities to incorporate Australian elements into centrepieces, table settings and other decorations. Let your imagination run wild and please share your results!
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