DIY Baby Hamper

Baby Hamper DIY Project

How to Make a Gorgeous DIY Baby Hamper

How to Make Your Very Own Baby Gift Hamper

Buying presents and gifts can be a difficult task, especially when they’re for the arrival of a new baby or a young child’s birthday. As much as you want your gift to be appreciated, it’s also the perfect opportunity to get something that serves a useful purpose for busy parents! So, do you buy toys, clothing, games or blankets? It can be a difficult decision. There is a simple solution that will allow you to include everything that a young child and his or her parents could wish for – a baby gift hamper, is perfect because it’s both personal and practical. But how do you go about making one and what should you include? Here’s a simple A-Z for getting all the supplies you need before you start filling it with goodies.

Decide On Your Colour Scheme

A good first decision when it comes to the construction of your baby gift hamper is the colour. If you know the sex of the baby or if it’s for a small child’s birthday, gearing your gift towards a girl or boy can be the starting point for decorating your hamper. Either go the traditional route, blue for boys and pink for girls, or mix up your colour scheme – lilac and yellow are both great options. Keeping the colours pale and pastel when it comes to babies is a pretty sure bet, although we’ve seen some amazing bright or neon options too!

Choose Your Basket

The two main factors when it comes to the hamper’s basket are size and material. You obviously want one that is big enough to hold everything you’re going to place in it. Seagrass, rattan, bamboo and wicker baskets all make good choices – and they’re useful for storing nappies, toiletries or toys afterwards. White and naturals will work with any colour scheme and a smooth and soft finish to the chosen material is the way to go. Quick tip: Run your hand over hamper baskets to ensure there are no splinters, before you finish the wrapping. Tinware comes in a really wide range of colours, and makes for great storage too.

Start Decorating

Before you start decorating your baby hamper, first gather everything that you’re going to need. Items like coloured cellophane, gift tags, a card, ribbon and bows and, last but not least, something to line the bottom with like a soft blanket or tissue paper. This is the time to add some decorative fun – picks and decorative pegs are a favourite way to finish a hamper, from birds and butterfly’s to teddy bears.

Fill Your Baby Hamper

A teddy bear is the quintessential children’s gift, and is a great option to take centre stage in your hamper. You can pick out a blue or pink teddy bear if you’re going the traditional route, but any cute cuddly plush toy has its own charm. If you’re stuck with soft toy inspiration, our range of wholesale teddy bears is bound to contain the bear for you! Here are a few other great ideas for items to place in your hamper: Baby clothing, like bodysuits, matching bibs and leather baby shoes Bottles and feeding accessories, like infant spoons Baby powder, lotion and bathing products – natural products that are guaranteed to be non-toxic can be very welcome. Be sure to arrange the items so that the larger ones are towards the back and the smaller ones at the front to best showcase your gift.

Wrap It All Up

The finishing touch can be to wrap the entire basket in plain or beautifully-coloured cello. Lay the cello sheet down and place the hamper on top, then gather the four corners and bring them up above the basket and securely tie with a coloured ribbon. Attach the card or gift tag in a place where it can easily be seen. So there you have it. For a gift that’s as fun to make as it’s lovely to receive, you can’t go past a baby gift hamper!

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