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8 Beautiful Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Christmas Wrapping Ideas

There’s just something about beautifully wrapped Christmas presents that makes everything feel more festive. If you aspire to give presents that make an impression – the kind with Christmas ribbons and wrapping that makes friends and family ooh, and ah – we have some quick tips. And in groups under the Christmas tree, wrapped in satin ribbon and Christmas wrapping paper, they might just be one of the best kinds of Christmas decorations too.

Amazing Christmas Gift Wrapping

But it’s also a really busy time of year. So we set ourselves a challenge to take a selection of Christmas packaging and spend no more than a few minutes wrapping them. We wanted quick, festive and pretty DIY Christmas ideas. Posie boxes make for a great start because they’re ready to go, and come in a wide range of colours. Adding ribbons, flowers and Christmas ornaments makes all the difference. Here’s what we used:

1. Striking red and white striped grosgrain ribbon, tied around a white posie box, with contrasting green Christmas baubles.

2. Artificial flowers make a pretty and unexpected addition to Christmas gifts. We used a white satin ribbon and a matching hydrangea, but peonies work just as well.

3. White florist string, a silver posie box, and some white and gold clip-on butterfly picks.

4. Decorative fruit is supposed to be used as hanging ornaments for a Christmas tree, but these glittery pears look fantastic with some green satin ribbon in the same colour.

5. We started with red organza ribbon, wrapped around a red posie box, and added a ivy and berry sprig. Christmas flowers are some of our favourite Christmas wrapping add-ons.

6. Adding some ornaments, in this case some Christmas jingle bells, at the top of Christmas bows, is all you need to make a beautiful gift.

7. We wrapped a gold posie box with some burgundy ribbon and an artificial silk rose in deep red.

8. Tissue paper in red and white and a polka dot ribbon is all to took to finish this fun Christmas gift. Kids love unwrapping this creation!

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