Creative Valentine's Gift Ideas

5 Creative Ways to Present a Rose This Valentine’s Day

Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas

It’s really not too early to be turning our attention to Valentine’s Day, and with the launch of our Valentine’s Day Catalogue last year we’ve actually been thinking about the romance of roses for many months (I know some of us never stop!). With February 14th just around the corner we were inspired to write a blog to celebrate the most romantic day on the calendar.

We all know that roses are synonymous with Valentine’s Day, but here at Koch we love a DIY twist. So with this in mind we decided to devise a list of five creative ways to present a rose to your partner this Valentines. Perhaps you can come up with a sixth way that’s unique to you!

Don’t Put all Your Roses in One Basket

Valentine's Day Rose Box

Instead of giving your partner a dozen roses in one bouquet, why not deliver them individually in rose boxes, one at a time over the course of the 14th (and perhaps even into the 15th for those who just don’t want the day to end). It’s an extravagance that’s likely to be remembered! And to make things even more fun, strategically place them where they’ll be found at unexpected times.

Recycle Pretty 

Valentine's Day Rose Potpourri

Start by sending your partner a dozen red roses. Then when they’re wilted, turn the rose petals into your own DIY potpourri. Present your potpourri in a nice decorative gift box, and you’ve got yourself a second floral gift to surprise your partner with.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

Valentine's Day Silk Roses

The first thing you’ve got to do is buy a bunch of different fresh or coloured artificial roses. Then, take each individual rose and write what each different colour represents, and means to you. As a starting point, think about the historical meaning of the different colours: a red rose traditionally signifies romance, and passionate love; yellow signifies friendship; orange represents the fostering of a hidden or secret love; white represents purity and innocence; and black, well maybe you shouldn’t go including black in your Valentine’s bouquet, as it historically symbolises a desire to end a relationship! These silk flowers will last forever, making your gift something that your loved one will always cherish. You could even go bigger and bolder with some cabbage roses. With their multi-colour petals, the cabbage rose is a great alternative to traditional rose buds.

The 13th

Valentine's Day Roses Gift

If you’re someone who doesn’t buy into the traditional and you’re looking to surprise your partner this Valentines, why not try this crazy idea….  Present your Valentine’s roses a day early on the 13th with a note saying you couldn’t wait to tell them how much they’re loved. Think about it, if they’re the right type of person, and not the type to be embarrassed by the attention, they’ll love being the only one to get flowers at the office a day before anyone else.

Origami Roses

Origami Rose

If you want to start thinking outside of the box, and like the idea of getting hands-on with a project, the origami rose is the perfect middle ground. If done well, and made with care, they can look truly amazing. With only a few basic materials that are all easy to come by, and some nimble handiwork,  you can create everlasting paper roses that make for an incredibly thoughtful DIY gift. They work beautifully to finish off a gift box too!

We hope one of these ideas inspires you to think about how to personalise your Valentine’s gift to make it that extra bit special.

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