Different Ways to Use Silk Flowers

The Secret World of Silk Flowers

Silk flowers: the great impersonator of poetry’s favourite motif are not only inexpensive, durable and versatile, but rich in history. The books differ somewhat as to the origin of artificial flower making, but it would seem the craft was first developed in France in the 1600s, as a way for time-rich, middle class ladies to embellish their home-made fashions. Since then silk flowers have become increasingly popular, and put to a variety of uses. From their origins as fashion embellishment to their widespread use as wedding centerpieces, silk flowers are as adaptable as they are beautiful. Here are a few popular ways to use silk flowers when people are looking for an alternative to the real deal.

Wedding & Events
We love fresh flowers at Koch and love seeing how florists work their magic with them! However, if you’re planning a wedding or marquee event and using real flowers for your bouquet or centerpieces, silk flowers can be an attractive addition. Firstly, for all the wedding planners out there, incorporating silk flowers allows everyone to work well in advance, means the bride knows exactly what she is getting, plus the bride gets to keep the arrangements long after the ceremony. Secondly, silk flowers are available in a wide variety of colours without having to worry about the season so for bride’s looking for a particular colour match they can be a godsend, and thirdly, for those planning on staging an outdoor gala, artificial flowers are easy to work with especially if your design requires a lot of handling or you’re working in testing climates.

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Fashion Accessories
Silk flowers are affordable and beautiful, so they make the perfect DIY fashion accessory or clothing embellishment – quickly turning a “plain Jane” t-shirt into something a little more exciting. There’s a good reason Carrie Bradshaw couldn’t get enough of them! You can attach the buds to ribbons and embellish cuffs, or necklines. Or even sew flowers, buds or petals to garments to create visual interest. Silk flowers are versatile and fun to work with and you can even hand paint them with Design Masterspray to alter the colour as you wish. We’ve done this a number of times at Koch to get the right colour mix and it’s always a fun project.

Silk Artificial Wedding Handbag

Home Decorations & Office Decor
You don’t have to spend loads of money buying decorations for your home, with a little imagination silk flowers can spruce up any living space. You can easily bring life to the most lack lustre vase, box or jar by simply using decoupage paste to attach silk flower petals to the item. This is a marvellous technique for transforming mundane household items into gift boxes, wall hangings or decorative vases. For the office, a stunning silk flower arrangement can be the difference between a bland, uninviting office and an office with serious wow factor. By incorporating an eye grabbing silk flower arrangement into your decor you can transform your foyer, reception or boardroom into a space that inspires your workforce and impresses visitors, allowing you to bring personality and colour to your office.

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How to make a wedding bouquet with succulents?

Creating a beautiful wedding bouquet with succulents is a great way to add a unique twist to a traditional wedding accessory. Read our blog on how to make wedding bouquet with succulents to learn more.

How to make a flower crown with artificial flowers?

Knowing how to make a flower crown with artificial flowers is much easier than you may think. All you need is some silk flowers and foliage, florist wire, wire cutters and parafilm. We break down the steps in our DIY flower crown project.

How long do silk flowers last?

If kept indoors, artificial flowers can last for many years. If kept outdoors, silk flowers will usually last for around two or three months in direct sunlight before they begin to fade. You can stave off the cracking and fading by spraying them with a UV-resistant spray.

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