3 Beautiful & Different Wedding Bouquet Ideas

There are so many different flowers and greenery available that the traditional wedding bouquet is no longer restricted to just roses and lilies (although they make for amazing foundation flowers in any bouquet). For as long as we remember, brides love standing out, including incorporating their own personality and style into their overall bridal look – thus, the rise of unique and equally beautiful wedding bouquets.

Part of the appeal is that each idea below can easily be incorporated into table centrepieces, dessert tables or the like for a cohesive and charming vibe. Get ready for three different wedding bouquet ideas that have the modern wow-factor to win you over.

1. Standout Succulents

Succulents come in a range of beautiful dusky colours, with many blooming in shapes that resemble flowers. Sturdier than regular flowers, succulents retain water in arid climates and look fresh throughout the day. An unusual choice for some, three of these bouquets prove just how well succulents work even in otherwise traditional arrangements. Alternatively, you can opt for this all-green bouquet example, where the succulents take centre stage for an impactful bridal bouquet.

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Image references, from top left: Storyboard Wedding, Green Wedding Shoes, Style Me Pretty

View our mini agave succulents here.

2. Bountiful Berries

We love the different textures that berries provide in arrangements, so it’s equally impressive how beautiful it looks in a bridal bouquet. Especially for an autumn wedding, when there are so many rich and beautiful colours in nature, seasonal berries make for a ‘berry’ beautiful wedding bouquet.

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Image references, from top left: Ruffled Blog, BridesAt First Blush & Co, Southern Weddings

View our mini berry clusters here.

3. Australian Native Bouquet

Think wildflowers, Aussie natives, sprigs, and sprays for a natural and country feel – also the perfect excuse for doing away with structured bouquets. Mix in some roses and berries for different depths and it’s the native bouquet that’s too pretty to throw! Earlier this year, we dedicated a blog to country wedding ideas where we also featured native bouquets and flowers.

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Image references, from top left: Averie WeddingsLara Hotz, Brides of Adelaide, Blushing Blooms

View our proteas here.

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