Floral Head Wreath DIY

How to make a floral head crown

We love how floral head wreaths are used in modern bridal wear, from boho chic to country wedding versions, to instantly transform the look of brides, bridesmaids and flower girls. Floral crowns have a rich history dating all the way back to the ancient Greeks and Romans – and they’re certainly back with a vengeance, seen on catwalks and photo-shoots around the globe. We think they’re the perfect way to inject an extra shot of floral fashion into your wedding day and bridal wear.

They make a really fun and personal wedding project, so start selecting your favourite blooms and get ready to create your ideal version. This is our step by step tutorial designed to help you master this DIY.

What we used

Step 2 Floral Head Wreath DIY

Step by Step

Step 1.

Start by measuring the heads you’re making the wreaths for to get an idea of scale. Then cut up the twig or vine that will create the main crown shape, and gently bend it to form the right size of circle. (For the flower girls version remember to take into account the length of ribbon you’ll be using to join the back of the wreath). Join the vine or branch piece with Parafilm. Spray the vine or branch with Design Master spray, and leave it to dry. Top tip: We used two different vines, sprayed with two different colours of the Design Master spray, to create a subtle contrast.

Step 2.

Select your favourite silk flowers to use in the crown. We used a mix of cabbage rose and peonies in pinks and purples, and used green foliage, such as fake vines to create a colourway that is big on impact, but still soft and pretty. Try a mix of small and medium flower heads for your bridesmaid or bride to create interest and a design that flows. Take each artificial flower or leaf in turn, and wire around the stem using a twisting motion. Once finished Parafilm each stem, so that no sharp wires are exposed.

Step 3 Floral Head Wreath DIY

Step 3.

Arrange your peonies, cabbage rose, other blooms and foliage in a small spray, then attach these to the crown by using the no.26 wire in two places, then cover the joins in Parafilm to conceal the wire and join. We’ve closely bunched the flowers on one side in our example above, but you could create a crown with flowers across the entire length of the crown if you wanted.

Step 4.

Heat the hot glue gun, applying leaves and fake vines to the back of the crown to conceal the mechanics – it also helps make the crown comfortable for the brides and flower girls to wear.

Step 1 Floral Wreath DIY

In this montage above, we’re showing you a different wreath design for a flower girl – with smaller flowers and the silk flowers spread out so the overall look is more delicate. In this case, we’ve used a glue gun to attach the flowers rather than wire, which is an easy technique to master! We’ve used white satin ribbon here; the use of ribbon gives you another option to include your wedding colours in your overall theme.

step 4 Floral Head Wreath DIY 4

Floral Head Wreath DIY For Brides & Flower GirlsThe finished floral wreath project, with slightly different designs for brides, bridesmaids and flowers girls. We hope you have fun with this wedding DIY!

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