how to decorate pillar candles with lavender: a step by step guide

How To Decorate Pillar Candles With Lavender

When it’s in season, lavender is a true delight. But a gorgeous lavender stem quickly becomes a rotten one, and a nightmare to clean up at that. Today we’re going to show you how to decorate pillar candles with lavender – only with this project we take the mess out of the matter with an artificial lavender candle holder.

By using white pillar candles that last 72 hours, this lavender candle decoration will last months on a mantelpiece or coffee table, even with regular use. Better yet, the sweet vanilla scent of these scented pillar candles means you won’t need potpourri aromatherapy diffusers to perfume your home.

So without further ado, here’s how to decorate pillar candles with artificial lavender!

Step by step: How to decorate pillar candles

1. Collecting your materials:

In this DIY lavender candle holder project you will need:

2. Tying the string

The first step in this DIY project is to start by tying a bit of string about one-third and two-thirds of the way up the candle vase. Our hot tip on how to decorate pillar candles with lavender is not to tie the string too tight. You’ll need space to slot the lavender stems between the string.

3. Slotting the lavender stems

Take your lavender stems and slot the twig ends through the string until you have placed lavender all around the cylinder vase. We used about 24 stems, however you can decide how condensed or scattered you want it to look.

4. Trimming the stems

After slotting all of the lavender in, trim off any excess stem at the bottom so they’re not too tall for the vase. This is also a good time to arrange the lavender so that the stem tips each sit in a straight line at the base of the vase nicely.

5. Finishing touches

Finish it off by wrapping another string of jute around the candle vase to secure the lavender and add a final touch. Then simply place your pillar candle inside your new lavender candle holder, light it and watch the room light up – voila! You can even try using our battery candles to ensure the flame never goes out, while still offering the same stunning effect.

6. Mixing it up

Once you know how to decorate pillar candles like this, you can create a range of candle decorations using all types of flowers! Browse our artificial flower range for more decorating ideas.

Also, to keep your space smelling as beautiful as real lavender does, you can use different scented candles from our range. We have a great selection of scented votive candles that will sit perfectly in your new candle holder – and yes there is a lavender one to really bring your artificial lavenders to life! The only difference with the votive candles is they have a shorter burn time as they are quite a bit smaller than the pillar candles but the choice is yours!

artificial lavender candle holder - candle wrapped in lavender

The Finished Product

If you’re after more ideas on how to decorate pillar candles, browse the Koch blog or take a look through our various DIY ideas!

People also asked:

Do lavender candles help you sleep?

Lavender is one of the most commonly used herbs for relaxation or to lull you to sleep, so it would stand to reason that burning and smelling a lavender candle would have the same effect. However, it is important to blow it out before you feel yourself falling asleep to keep you and your home safe.

Do pillar candles need a holder?

If you do not want the pillar candle to drip wax, you will need to put it in a holder. You can also just place the candle onto a small candle plate or a similar base to collect the dripping wax at the bottom.

How long do pillar candles burn?

Larger pillar candles can burn for up to 95-100 hours. Smaller pillar candles may instead have lifespans closer to 10 to 15 hours.

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  1. Do you think this arrangement is such a good idea? It seems quite dangerous to mix artificial flowers with a naked flame, much less encouraging florists to do the same. I think you might want to rethink this one Koch & Co

    1. Koch

      Great point Stacey! We wouldn’t want to create a fire hazard. The example used in the photography does use a pillar candle which might allow the naked flame to protrude from the vase, so to be safe make sure you use a candle which sits much lower than the glass vase height.

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