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Easy to Make Halloween Decorations

Some Halloween decorations can inspire all year long, like the black and orange wreath or the wrapped tealights we pulled together this week – just change your colors for a completely different feel. If you want to celebrate October 31st with some spooky decor, there’s still time to pull some simple decorations together. Halloween is a great time for DIY decorating, so we decided to come up with few crafty ideas that won’t break your budget, and can be used at home or at work in time for the 31st.

Halloween Wreaths

Let all the trick or treaters out there know that you’re open for business by displaying this decorative Halloween wreath on your door front or window display. We spray painted the artificial berries and flowers, which give them a beautifully gothic feel, using Design Master Spray. The plain material wreath is the perfect base for wrapping different layers of ribbon, mesh and twine string around to create a textured finish.

What you need: Princess Anne PeonyBerry Cluster SprayDesign Master SprayMesh Wrap, Wreath and Orange & Black Ribbon.


Halloween Wreath


Halloween Candle Holders

These striking candle holders generate the perfect Halloween mood by using paper doilies in an unexpected way. Take one paper doily and spray it using black master spray, cut it in half and secure both halves on opposite sides with some grosgrain ribbon and some natural raffia or twine. (Obviously, it’s important to make sure the raffia, ribbon and paper doily are kept away from the flame, and the tea candles are not left unattended – definitely better safe than sorry!)

What you need: Glass Candle Tealight HolderPaper DoilyNatural Raffia, Satin Ribbon, Design Master Spray



Halloween Treat Bags + Table Decorations

Our delightful little treat bags can either be used as gift or shop bags, vessels for the treats that you give out to trick or treaters, or as bags for kids to collect their candy in. Using three simple ingredients, these charming little bags are a fun DIY touch. Change the colors of the ribbons and gift seals and they make brilliant candy buffet lolly bags. If you’re looking for creative DIY table or shop decoration ideas for your Halloween celebrations, why not try your hand at these two easy DIY table decoration ideas.

What you need for treat bags: Satin RibbonGift SealPaper Gift Bag

What you need for Jack-O’-Lanterns: Polystyrene Foam Ball, Design Master Spray


Halloween Decorative Candy Jars

Many Halloween enthusiasts spend days, and lots of money, decorating to celebrate Hallow’s eve. But the truth is, you don’t need to spend a fortune on decorations to make appropriately ghoulish decor this Halloween. Candy jars are a great way to quickly add some Halloween flair. While candy is more traditional (and edible!) we used our Aqua Pearls to show you how easily they add color as vase decoration to fit any theme.

What you need for decorative candy jars: Glass Candy JarAqua Pearls, Ribbon



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