Homemade float candle centerpieces for parties

Homemade Float Candle Centerpieces For Parties

You’re a busy person, we get that. You want party table centrepieces that look great, don’t require constant upkeep, and won’t take more than 10 minutes to make.

Understandable. But if your search for the perfect table decoration has been as laboured as ours, you’d know it’s not easy finding craft ideas that are both striking and simple – which is where our homemade float candle centerpieces come in!

We don’t think it ought to be so hard to make your table look great, so we created these simple candle holders that even a novice can achieve with ease. In light of this, these homemade float candle centerpieces have no glue, no knots, and no complicated floral arrangements. Just assemble, light your floating candles, and you’re ready to enjoy! There’s really nothing else to it.

The best thing about these homemade float candle centerpieces is its modular form. If you have a longer table, you can just line up more vases or hurricane glass candle holders to lengthen the centrepiece. You can even scatter some tealight candles down the table to add some height dimension.

Simple to make and easy on the eye, these homemade float candle centerpieces are perfect for party lighting, dinner parties, birthdays, even weddings! They can also be used as a simple decoration around your home.

How to make these homemade float candle centerpieces

What you’ll need:

How to make them:

How to make homemade float candle centerpieces

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People also asked:

Can tealight candles float on water?

Tea light candles can float on water. In order to make sure they stay afloat, you need to ensure the candles have a flat bottom to support themselves to stay atop the water. However, the slightest splash of water would extinguish them. We would recommend using floating candles instead as they are specially designed to float.

How long do 2 inch candles burn?

Two inch floating candles are known to float for around four to five hours. It will also depend on the density of the wax that the candle is made out of and how slowly it melts.

What are some candle burning tips to get the most out of them?

Always trim the wick to 1/8; re-center your wick while the wax is still liquid; burn for one hour for every inch in diameter… want to know what all this means? Read our blog post on candle burning tips to find out.

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