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Floral wire can function as structural support and also add a beautiful decorative accent to your fresh or fake flower arrangements. There are many different types of floral wire, from the simplistic, to bright, look-at-me colours. Though there are many types of floral wire, there are even more ways to use it. Here, we’ll review the basics of floral wire, some of its many uses, and different ways to incorporate decorative wire into your creations.

What is Decorative Floral Wire?

Simply put, floral wire is thin, flexible wire that can be cut. It binds arrangements together and anchors them, giving you the ability to try out more complex and eye-catching compositions.

Different Types of Decorative Floral Wire

Floral wire is available in a variety of lengths, sizes and colours. Traditional florist wire is designed to blend in and become invisible in a finished arrangement. This wire is typically very thin – not wider than a few millimeters. Wires are measured in millimeters (0.6 to 1.2mm) or/and gauges from 18 gauge to 28 gauge.

Florist Wire Tubes

If you’re looking for something a bit more exciting, you can choose from many different kinds of decorative florist wire. This wire is used to add a finishing touch, embelishment or accent. It’s also great for those times when there’s simply no way to hide the wire supporting an arrangement. Below are some examples of decorative floral wire.

Bouillon wire is a pretty and decorative way to bind your fresh or artificial flower arrangements. Available on spools in a rainbow of shimmering colours, it’s meant to be seen. It is very soft and crimped in appearance, allowing you to create a wide variety of different looks.
Bouillon Wire

Coloured metal wire is available in copper and aluminum, as well as in bundles, packages of cut lengths and on spools. The bright, vibrant, shiny colours are great for creating accents on corsages, as well as coordinating your binding to your colour scheme. The metallic finish is ideal for festive occasions such as weddings or graduations.

Coloured Aluminium Wire

Flat Aluminum wire (2mm or 6mm wide) is a new trend and adds another dimension to your wiring techniques. Paper-wrapped wire offers a much more subdued and natural finish while still giving you full control over your arrangements. Available in many muted, sophisticated shades.

Flat Aluminium Wire

Sisal wire, with its variety of colours and rustic-fiber look, is also great for a natural appearance. It looks great when combined with leaves, willows or small branches for a gorgeously rustic arrangement.

Netting wire (which looks like chicken wire) is wonderfully versatile. It is broad enough to contain the largest arrangements and yet able to blend right in and become virtually invisible.
Netting Wire

It’s Not Just for Florists!

Although floral wire is created with the professional florist in mind, it can be used in a wide variety of craft projects. From decorative wreaths to table decorations, its selection of colours and finishes mean it’s great for adding a creative touch anywhere in the home.

You can also consider using floral wire in many applications where glue would traditionally be used. The finished product will not only look nicer; in many instances it will be much more durable as well. Decorative floral wire is also an ideal way to attach tags to presents or arrangements meant for gift-giving.

Look around your home and your store – you’ll surely find tons of potential applications for decorative floral wire. Remember to let your imagination run – if you can dream it up, you can create it!

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      We love using decorative wire on our arrangements. They’re so versatile.
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