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Flowers and water don't always mix

Flowers and water don't always mix

Flowers and water don't always mix

Don’t know what to get dad for Christmas? Trust us it doesn’t take much to impress your dad! The best gift that one can give him is quality time or something special that comes straight from the heart. When buying a gift for your Father, a cool gadget is always a great idea on occasions like Father’s Day or his Birthday, but the festivities of Christmas are different. This time of year is all about spending quality time with your loved ones.

Christmas is an occasion once a year where we get to bond and catch up with each other over a lunch or dinner of our favourite Christmas foods. Precious moments like these call for gifts such as decorations and sentimental items that are always present beside your dad’s favourite spot, even when you have left once the Christmas holidays are over.

To help you decide what to get dad for Christmas, we have curated a list of gifts that will stand out, have a sentimental value, and will be a reason for him to laugh and smile every time he sees them.

1. Scented Candles

A Scented candle provides serenity and our Scented Grey Terrazzo Candle will not only be a great addition to any room but can also be used as an outdoor Christmas decoration.  

Scented Grey Terrazzo Candle

2. Traditional Christmas Nutcrackers

A set of 2 wooden Nutcrackers dressed in traditional green and red attire will certainly bring a feeling of joy to dad’s heart. It will be one of the cutest Christmas decorations at your dining table.


3. Fresh Indoor Plants

If your dad is into gardening, he will love a fresh indoor plant like this Fresh Spathiphyllum in Stripe Seagrass Basket! It will keep his mood lifted all year round.

4. Artificial Plant & Succulents

Whether your dad is into gardening or not, an artificial plant or succulent will be a great décor piece for his home office table. A big bonus is that he doesn’t have to worry about watering this plant!


5. Tabletop Christmas Trees

Tabletop Trees, like this Aspen Green Pine Tree, will be a great addition to your Christmas festivities. Gift it along with your other presents for a Christmas filled with extra love.

Aspen Green Pine

6. A Cute Homemade Hamper

If you can’t decide on just one thing to get for dad, you can always opt for a homemade hamper and add all the essentials in one. Try adding a mix of scented candles, potted succulents, or a collection of supplies to make his own terrarium. You can display all these goodies in a decorative basket or gift box that he can reuse after Christmas as some handy storage.


7. Wrapping

Finding the best present is important, but wrapping it nicely elevates a gift to a whole new level and will leave your dad impressed. So don’t forget to wrap your dad’s gift in some gift wrapping that reflects his personality and taste. You can even try adding a decorative bow, ribbon, or Christmas pick to the front to give it a finishing touch.


With these lovely gift ideas expect to be the favourite child this year at Christmas! For more great gifting ideas, check out our other Koch Blog What Makes A Gift Hamper Great?

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