Gift wrapped in pink counter roll with layered grosgrain bow

Fancy Gift Wrapping Ideas

Here at Koch we know a few things about wrapping. After all, we do stock some of the most beautiful and fun embellishments around.

So when you need some inspiration for all your gift wrapping needs, we can help you out. By including some awesome finishing touches, you can really add to the excitement of the moment and make someone feel extra special. Whether its your sisters birthday, a friend had a new baby or you need a hostess gift, you’ll have your family and friends so eager to open their presents, they will be tearing at it.

Put a bird on it

Peacock Surprise

Use a combination of bright colours that compliment your choice of bird pick to create a stunning gift

There are countless avian-themed homewares out there that you are bound to give something bird-related at some point. Sheet sets, artwork, dinner plates, kids bedroom accessories, clothing… The list really is endless. Lets face it, birds are pretty awesome, and carrying this theme on to the gift wrapping is a great way wet the palate.  Build the anticipation of opening their gift by giving them a taste of what is to come.

Make your gift stand out with these bright colours and textured materials.

If you are more the bouquet-of-flowers giving type, why don’t you include a hint of birdy-goodness by clipping a little wren, a budgie or a dove to it? With a variety of colours to choose from (including our glitter ones!), you are sure to find the right little birdy to do the job.

Wait! What? You have a butterfly theme? Never fear! we have a large variety of these winged beauties too.

Sweet Baby

If you know someone who has had a baby recently, you can be sure that anything that will keep their little darling amused ( apart from something for them, such as flowers), would make a great impression. Soft toys, soft toy dogs, teddy bears, dolls and of course fabric baby toys are great and they can be kept as keepsakes. If they had a daughter there are a large variety of pink soft toys, traditional brown bears and bright coloured toys to choose from. If you are looking for something for a boy, there are heaps of blue and bright and pastel friends there too.

Baby Boy Wrapping – Thomas

Blue box wrapped with mesh and giraffe soft toy

When giving a present, not everything has to be hidden away inside a box wrapped up, Feature a soft toy as the highlight of the gift on the outside.

Choosing the right materials is easy. We have done all the hard work for you by pre-filling the quantities you need.

With just a few bits and pieces, you can put together a fantastic bundle of goods in no time at all. What was the most memorable wrapped gift you have received?

It’s a Girl! – Pink and Black Collection

There really are so many options when it comes to dressing a gift for a baby girl.  Anything that is frilly, fluffy or sparkly is particularly adorable and can be attached to the gift with ribbon or twine.  There are even ribbons created especially to mark this special event.

Pink & Black Collection

Use a colour theme to wrap your gift into multiple pieces. Each unique in their own way.

Start with a pastel paper in a pattern of your choosing and finish it off with a contrasting ribbon.

And there you have it! Some wonderful gift wrapping ideas for jazzing up and individualising your gifts. With just some wrapping paper rolls, some ribbon and a few bits and pieces, you can put together fantastic bundle of goods in no time at all.

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