Create a Decorative Display with Glass Cloches

Glass Cloches or Bell Jars: The Perfect Display Case
Whether you’re a florist looking for the perfect way to display a new range of orchids, a small business owner seeking out unique ways to showcase your products, or just looking for a clever way to display your latest sweet treats at an event or afternoon tea – our latest range of glass cloches might just hold the answer.

Originally developed in the late 17th century to protect young plants from frost and cold, a glass cloche, also known as a glass dome or bell jar, is a pretty glass case that perfectly lends itself to all manner of decorative use. They’re incredibly versatile and elevate almost whatever you display, from lemons to cupcakes, into art. Here are few simple suggestions on how to make the most of these compelling and aesthetically pleasing display cases.

Displaying Food
Rather than using a boring plate or bowl to display food, hosts or cafe owners should be looking to display their gorgeous desserts, or even their fresh produce, in a glass cloche. Perfect for fruit and veg or pretty cakes, biscuits and cupcakes, cloches are perfect for highlighting gourmet delights.


Displaying Art
Glass enclosures add a modern edge to both retail and residential spaces. So rather than displaying your favourite ornamental sculptures on shelves, why not use a cloche? Thinking outside the box when it comes to your home and store displays, these are a cheap and easy way to breath new life into a space, and with a wide range of glass cloches to choose from Koch is your one stop shop for all your glassware needs.

Showcasing Flowers
Whether used for elaborate floral arrangements or just a single stem in a bud vase, cloches never look more beautiful than when displaying flowers. Watch them draw a customer’s attention to a new range, or bring life to the perfect wedding arrangement.


Stop In Your Tracks Signage
The versatility of the cloche or glass dome as a display case means they can be used as a unique and quirky way for businesses to display their signage or products (like our chic displays of ribbons below). It’s a sure way to get the message noticed, and for retailers looking to display register signage, there’s no prettier way than within a glass cloche.

Growing Terrariums
Terrariums, the mini indoor gardens grown within a glass container can be beautifully displayed in a glass bell jar. They are the perfect ornament for bathrooms or living spaces, and require little to no maintenance beyond the occasional water. These mini gardens are decorative and incredibly calming, and the ideal botanical ornament for those looking to minimise clutter.



Wedding Decorations
Cloches for weddings have never been more popular (check out our Pinterest board on bell jars and candy buffets for some gorgeous examples). From displaying wedding flowers, cakes or even glamorous wedding shoes – encasing your precious wedding decorations in glass makes sure they’re not missed – and as a plus, they’re protected too.

Christmas Decorations
We love that you can keep using bell jars throughout the year, from an afternoon tea party in January right through to Christmas. We’ve displayed matt and metallic silver Christmas baubles here and added a simple satin ribbon – it’s high-impact but easily done. Candles, berries, paper snow flakes and reindeer are next on our list!


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