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Creative DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner, we’ve come up with some devilishly good Halloween decorating ideas for you that are both simple and fun.

Halloween Decorating

How to add sparkle this Halloween

  1. Set your pumpkins apart from the jack-o-lanterns next door with this year’s hottest trend. We used design master spray in brilliant gold to create a liquid-gold effect on pumpkins that just glows. Glitter sprays, available in gold and silver, can also help you create a shimmering display which will look beautiful with candlelight. This easy to use, versatile spray glitter gives a clean and consistent finish and best of all, dries quickly on just about any surface. Try it on fake cobwebs and outdoor skeletons for an instant glitter effect and turn the average spider into a six-legged showstopper.
  2. A gold or silver-embellished pumpkin makes a stunning centrepiece on your Halloween table. But you can also have fun by adding pumpkin shaped bowls like glass fishbowls to display small pumpkins or the silver vase we used above, which even has pumpkin-like segments.
  3. Make your mark in the neighbourhood with a glowing outdoor display. Line your pathway or entrance with a combination of different-sized pumpkins, pillar candles and glass lanterns to set the scene. Using fake candles is another great option, particularly if there are little ones running around! We used our ceramic lantern in black to set the scene here with a little bit of ivy and hessian. You can also use hanging candle holders overhead on tree branches to add another dimension to your frightfully fun display.

Halloween Decorating

Tricks and treats for a stylish Halloween

  1. Adding a glass lolly jar full of mini pumpkins makes for a fun and easy decorative element. You can really go crazy with adding ribbon elements to these candy or apothecary jars, but for this display we chose a simple black and white ribbon to finish it off.
  2. One of the easiest and prettiest displays uses ribbons in Halloween colours of black, orange and white grosgrain wrapped around small decorative pumpkins. You can double up on the ribbons to use more than one colour, use pretty decorative pins in diamante and pearl to secure them, or just glue the ribbons in place.
  3. While Halloween is typically associated with the northern hemisphere and autumn, in Australia we celebrate during spring. This blend of spring and autumn colours works wonderfully for Halloween inspired floral displays – we used orange, red, yellow and brown blooms in our arrangements. High quality silk flowers offer endless options in a myriad of colour. Wrap them around the base of a pumpkin to create a beautiful floral arrangement for carved-out or plain pumpkins.
  4. While our first image is all about trick-or-treating in style – it also works really well as a window display, or on a mantlepiece, balcony or patio. We’ve used paper bags in kraft and black, with cut-out and spray painted decorations that play on the idea of pumpkin carving.

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