how to hang a christmas wreath with a wreath hook

How To Hang a Christmas Wreath

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We’ve previously looked at alternative places to hang your Christmas wreaths for maximum impact, yet the front door is still one of our favourite places to start. So without further adue, let us show you three easy ways to hang a wreath without damaging the front door.

1) Metal wreath hook

These hooks are designed to simply hang over the tops of your door. Sleek and simple in design, hang one of these all-weather metal hooks over the door with your Christmas wreath and you’re all set! If you have a dark coloured door, you may prefer the wreath hook in black and vice versa if you have a beige or white coloured door. Our wreath hooks hang approximately 30cm, which lets your wreath hang at a nice height against the door.

2) Ribbon

Another great way you can hang a Christmas wreath on your front door is with ribbon and drawing pins. Take a fabric ribbon that matches your wreath, loop through the wreath and measure where you want it to hang on the door. Take both ends of the ribbon and fold over the top of the door, with one end overlapping the other. Take a drawing pin and pin both ends of the ribbon into the fold. Make sure the pin is all the way down so the door closes properly. Yes, there will be a very small hole in the top width part of your door but it won’t affect the structure of the door. Bear in mind that this method only works on wooden doors. If your Christmas wreath has a flat base, you can pin one end of of the ribbon on the back of the wreath without looping through the middle.

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Shop Christmas Wreaths

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1/ Wreath Hook 2/ Grosgrain Ribbon

3) Command Hooks

Lastly, you can also stick a command hook to the back of the door upside down. Look for command strips in different sizes and shapes that will be strong enough to hold the weight of your wreath. Tie a ribbon around your wreath, place it over the top of the door and tie around the command hook.

Christmas Wreaths We Love

Use one of the methods above and kickstart your festive decorations with one of our much loved Christmas wreaths. There are various styles to choose from, including classic and lush needlepine wreaths or contemporary berry and snowy looks. We’re sure that whichever one you decide on, your front door will look wonderfully festive and inviting.

how to hang a christmas wreath with a wreath hook

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Shop Christmas Wreaths

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