Ideas on how to decorate a table with candles

How to decorate a table with candles

Whether you’re setting the table for a big event or simply for a romantic dinner at home, there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget, and that’s the table decorations. Naturally, a wedding table, for example, would be decorated differently than a children’s party table. Yet, there is one piece of table decoration that suits almost every occasion — candles.

If you genuinely have nothing else available to give your table a more festive, romantic, or even intimate touch, you can achieve that quickly with a few candles. There are countless ways to decorate with them, and we don’t want you to get overwhelmed, so let’s go through a few simple suggestions for how to decorate a table with candles!

4 tips on how to decorate a table with candles

1. Candles, stones, sand and glass

These are four very different materials which work well together. Simply select a few glass jars and place pillar candles inside. Then add some vase fillers around the candle, such as sand, pebbles or decorative stones. They come in many different colours and sizes so you can easily find something to match your theme. Scatter the glass jars down the centre of your table and voila, a simple yet elegant base for your centrepiece. Don’t forget, if you have some empty space on the table you want to fill, you can also scatter decorative stones! They add a unique texture to the middle of the table and the candlelight will accent them perfectly.

Depending on the size and type of event, this centrepiece is easy to dress up or down. Who knew that knowing how to decorate a table with candles could be so quick and also budget friendly? To get extra fancy, you can add in tall vases, white or red roses and natural ribbons – a decoration you can even use for a wedding. People will love what you have created with just a few, but well thought out materials and candle accessories.

2. Mirrors, mirrors everywhere

Knowing how to decorate a table with candles and mirrors is effortless, yet sophisticated. Mirror plates are by far the easiest way to decorate a table with candles. All it takes is two materials for a stunning centrepiece; candles and mirror plates.

The mirror plates not only reflect the beautiful candle light, but also catch any pesky drips from the candles. To add some dimension to the look, include candles of varying heights on the same mirror plate. This will create a stunning, contemporary centerpiece that looks like it had the touch of a professional designer, rather than a DIY project.

3. Add festivity with candles

Knowing how to decorate a table with candles for Christmas is a must! Candles evoke feelings of warmth and homeliness, as well as adding touches of festivity for the season – bestowing a sense of Christmas in the air! We recommend using a small wreath or festive candle ring as the base of your centrepiece on your Christmas dining table. If you have a big family and a long table, several smaller Christmas arrangements with tealight candles in-between make great décor pieces.

4. Use LED candles

Planning a garden party, but worried that the wind might blow out your carefully arranged candles?

One easy solution – LED candles. These flameless candles will offer the same look and feel as real candles, only they are battery operated! You won’t need to worry about the wind blowing them out, plus they are a much safer option if there is foliage and plenty of young ones around.

So you know how to decorate a table with candles outdoors when you don’t have LED candles, we have an alternative. All you need is some old mason jars. Maybe you have some already at home. You can paint them to suit the overall table setting, or you can call on nature. Get some twigs from your backyard and cover the glass all around, then fix the twigs with a natural ribbon. Make sure your twigs aren’t longer than the glass or jar. Arrange those jar candles on your garden tables and between your guests, add some lanterns within the trees – and voilà! Your party is already on its way!

If you loved this post, there is much more where that came from on the Koch Blog. We are constantly posting about DIY and decoration ideas, as well as answering all your decoration, candle care and artificial flower questions! Please also share any of your own tips on how to decorate a table with candles in the comments below!

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