DIY florist bow

DIY How To Make a Florist Bow

Florist bows are not only great for fresh and artificial floral arrangements, but they also add sophistication and style to wrapped gifts and wreaths. For this florist bow tutorial, we used a 25mm wide grosgrain ribbon to tie around a flower bouquet. Bear in mind that the wider your ribbon, the larger your loop should be.

You’ll need:

1 x roll of grosgrain ribbon or similar

1 x pair of craft scissors


1) Cut a piece of ribbon approximately 30-45cm long and tie around your bouquet.We will call this ‘knot 1’ – you will be attaching your florist bow to this later. (Image 1-2)

2) To start the florist bow, pull a strand of ribbon approximately 60cm long (but do not cut yet). Determine the tail length for your florist bow and twist the ribbon at this point, pinching the twist with your thumb and index finger. (Image 3-4)

florist bow

3) Make a loop and twist the ribbon once, pinching the twist between your thumb and index finger. Make another loop the same size in the opposite direction and again twist and pinch with your thumb and index finger. You should see a figure of 8. (Image 5-6)

4) Repeat step 3 until you have at least 3-4 loops on each side (make sure you pinch each loop tightly). The more loops you have, the fuller your florist bow will be. Snip off the tail end of the ribbon once done. (Image 7-8)

florist bow

5) Place the florist bow in a vertical position on top of ‘knot 1’ on the bouquet. Use one hand to hold the bow and the other hand to fold the tails of ‘knot 1’ across the middle of your florist bow. (Image 9-10)

6) Tie the tails of “knot 1” in a tight knot across the middle of the florist bow. (Don’t let go of the florist bow too quickly!). Trim the ribbon tails as you see fit and fluff out your florist bow. (Image 11-12)

floral bow

We hope our guide is easy to follow and that you now know how to make a florist bow! Remember, practise makes perfect.

DIY florist bow

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