Scented candles

How to Reuse Scented Candles

What to Do with Old Scented Candles

It’s the dilemma that every candle aficionado faces: what do you do when it seems time to say goodbye to your best scented candle? The wick is burning steadily towards its doom, but the stub still makes your home smell like heaven. There must be way to keep using it, right? Actually, there are several.

Pair with potpourri

Chop up what’s left of your candle and crush it until the wax in it crumbles. Then place it in the bottom of your potpourri pot and cover with either scented or ornamental potpourri, depending on how strong you want the aroma to be.

Make scent blocks for incense warmers

If you use oil burners instead of fragrance diffusers, then try using the stubs of scented candles instead of oil. You can melt the old wax in a saucepan or the microwave, remove the wicks, and pour into an ice cube tray. When it’s cooled, you’re left with beautifully smelling wax blocks perfect to melt in your oil burner. (Don’t worry about ruining the saucepan or bowl: just wipe it thoroughly with a paper towel after you’re done, before washing it. Be sure not to wash it in the sink straight away though; the wax might clog your drains.)

Green scented candlesFreshen up your car

You don’t even have to remove your wax from the candle holder for this one. Just pop the candle in one of the cup holders between the front seats of your car. When the sun hits it, the wax will soften and release its divine scent.

More tips for scented candles

Don’t forget that while your scented candle still has life in it, to place it in entryways to your house and bedrooms. Even when it isn’t lit, your guests will be hit with olfactory delight as soon as they walk through the door.




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