DIY How To Floral Arrangement

Dress up your party with pink themed floral arrangements. Featuring blooms of pink roses with white peonies, it’s perfect for any kitchen tea, birthday, mothers day, baby, or garden lunch. Nothing is more feminine than beautiful pink flowers – especially when roses and peonys are involved. Follow this how to guide to create your own pink inspired fresh or fake flower arrangement. Of course, you can substitute any of the items with any similar item of your choice.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Tools and Materials

Wooden planter box or a suitable container.
Floral foam brick (Dry or wet depending on your choice of artificial or fresh flowers)
Variety of florals (We have used Geraldton WaxLisianthus, PeonysPink Roses & Peach Roses)
Florist Scissors

How To

Step 1 First, cut your floral foam to size to fit your container. Use dry foam for artificial and wet for fresh flowers.

Step 2 Starting from the back of the arrangement, place your florals into the foam. We have used Geraldton Wax to add a softer element to the arrangement. It also adds height to the arrangement. Tip: Before starting any arrangement, draw a quick sketch of how you would like to arrange your flowers to get an idea for the arrangements composition.

Step 3 Now that you have the back of the arrangement done, cut your rose stems (strip any foliage and thorns if necessary) to size and place them in the lower center to build up a foundation for the next layer of florals. Tip: Criss cross the stems to add extra support for your flowers.

Step 4 Next up is to add our feature flowers, our inspiration uses peonies which have a larger head. Arrange the peonys to suit. Remember to work with odds and asymmetry.

Step 5 Insert the lisianthus into the side of the arrangement. This will add to the balance of the arrangement. Depending on your arrangement, it’s also good to look at it from multiple angles to ensure there are no gaps or holes in the arrangement.

Step 6
 Using the foliage that was previously cut off, fill up any gaps and cover up any visible floral foam.

Step 7 Your arrangement is now complete and ready to display. If you are using fresh flowers, ensure to keep your arrangement in a cool place.

If you’re not looking for wooden planter boxes then check out our storage boxes, cake boxes or gift bags for inspriation!

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  1. Laura Traval

    Thank you for your DIY.

    I am just beginning in the art of making fake flower arrangements and these are the perfect help.


    Thank you


    1. Koch

      thats great to hear,

      we all have to start somewhere and starting is the hardest part

      Let us know if you have any questions and keep an eye out on some of our upcoming articles which will cover a lot of techniques.

  2. Great idea with te blog, really adds a new dynamic to your offering. This tutorial would have been great with pictures / images to match the steps 🙂

    Big Koch fan
    Rach x

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