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DIY Christmas Napkin Holders

How to Make Xmas Napkin Holders

Now that the silly season has finally arrived, what better way to dress up your table than with some simple and pretty DIY Christmas napkin holders? Napkin holders make a wonderful addition to your Christmas decor. You can opt for typically festive colours like green and red – or select coloured ribbons and Christmas baubles to easily match your table centrepiece or fit any colour scheme!
Get ready for some crafty, festive fun with this easy idea for DIY Christmas decorations. What you’ll need:
• Linen napkins
• Thick ribbon (we used 38mmx20m)
• Thin ribbon (we used 15mmx20m)
• Christmas baubles

DIY Napkin Holder Christmas


1. Roll the first napkin and tie a piece of the thicker satin ribbon into a loose bow (you’ll be able to tighten it later).
2. Thread a strip of the thinner ribbon through the loosened knot of the first bow. We used a pretty striped organza ribbon.
3. Trim the ends of the thin ribbon, in order to make the following step easier.
4. Thread a Christmas bauble onto either end of the thin ribbon. Knot if desired, to keep the baubles secure.
5. Tighten the knot of the large ribbon and tighten the bow. Trim the ends to avoid fraying.
6. Arrange the ribbons and baubles over the napkin as desired.
7. Repeat with all the other napkins until the whole set is complete.
Voila! Now you have a gorgeous set of festive napkins, which are bound to brighten up any table and help to create a truly festive Christmas table for you and your guests.


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