5-Step DIY Wedding Wreath Tutorial

Wreaths have been around for as long as we can remember, and with good reason too. When used well, they are the perfect addition to wedding reception or ceremony decoration. Plus they’re easier to make than they look.

The best part? You can add your preferred flowers and greenery to suit your style. Yes, the whole bridal party will be in awe, not to mention the guests. With many fun ways to incorporate wreaths into your wedding decoration plans, we thought we’d share a tutorial – designed for you to lend a personal touch (and fall in love with).


What you need

  1. x3 Leaf Ivy Spray
  2. x2 Laurel Leaf
  3. x2 Hydrangea
  4. x3 Tina Rose
  5. x3 Peony Rose
  6. Florist wire – the lower the gauge number the thicker the wire. We used 18 gauge but 20 would also work, as both are good for supporting flowers with large heads
  7. Florist Stem Wrap (Parafilm)
  8. Chalkboard
  1. Start by cutting up the artificial ivy laurel, peony and buds into pieces approximately 10 centimetre long. Then divide the hydrangea head into three or four pieces, and wire and Parafilm each piece to create a 10 centimetre long stem.wedding-wreath-step-1
  2. Next, remove all the leaves from the peony stem and cut the bud off the Tina Rose, so they’re more streamlined.wedding-wreath
  3. Bend a piece of the gauge wire in half, and create a loop at one end that’s about six centimetres long, covering the other end with Parafilm. Sit some artificial vines on top of the loop, so you’re hiding it, and then Parafilm the ivy stem to the wire.
  4. Then add a piece of laurel followed by a piece of hydrangea, then a piece of ivy, another of laurel, add some tina rose, a little more artificial vines, yet another of laurel, and then some peony, Parafilming each piece on until all of the flower pieces are used and the wreath is the size that you want.wedding-wreath-step-4-and-5
  5. Shape into a circle and insert the end wires into the wire loop and attach. Add another piece of hydrangea into the join to disguise. Done!

Check out how wreaths have been used in a few weddings below. Don’t say we didn’t warn you about falling in love with floral wreaths! Remember you can buy all the materials, artificial flowers and artificial vines we mentioned in this blog online from Koch & Co.

Right to left: Sasithon Photography, Allyson Magda Photography and Versluis Photography

Right to left: Sasithon Photography, Allyson Magda Photography and Versluis Photography

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