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The Benefits of Using Leafshine

The Benefits of Using Leafshine

The Benefits of Using Leafshine

Better living with plants

Did you know that plants are proven stress-busters? Did you also know that nurturing plants contributes to an improved wholistic well-being? These are the reasons why many have chosen to have indoor plants not only at home, but more so in a stressful office environment. It makes a dull-looking place alive, and is an affordable & cost effective interior decoration item, too!

Though many want to join the indoor plant rave, the thought of regular leaf cleaning makes them bow out. It eats too much time, and the sight of dusty indoor plants makes a place look and feel bleak.  There is a simple solution however… harmless leafshine products!

What is leafshine?

Leafshine helps maintain the bright colours of your plant’s leaves as well as that of your floral bouquet’s cut foliages. Giving a natural gloss appearance making it appear fresh and very much alive. The images below show how leafshine works.

Why should you use it?

Using leafshine products will ensure that the leaves of your plants remain glossy. The glossy surface then prevents dust from settling avoiding a sadly decayed look. It also prolongs the lifetime of your plants and cut foliage as it reduces water evaporation and also removes water spots and calcium deposits on the surface of the leaves.

The best advantage it offers is its lasting effect. One application lasts for a month! Think of the time (and the money) you have saved.
A comparison of leaves with and without leafshine

Which leafshine products produce the best results? 

There are numerous leafshine products available on the market today. However, several popular brands are proven to provide the best result and the best care for your plants. These are Floralife, Pokon from Chrysal and Design Master.

Floralife leafshine makes the leaves appear naturally healthy and not oily, hence the surface remains clean longer as compared to a leafshine that leaves an oily residue. It has a pleasant, natural odour and is easy to use due to its sprayer nozzle. It is suitable for most natural or artificial plants except those with fragile or hairy leaves, succulents and ferns. It must not be sprayed on flower blooms and buds. This product comes in two sizes: 250ml and 750ml cans.

Another great product is Design Master Ultra leafshine. Providing a natural lustre to your plastic plants’ leaves, it cleans foliage, repels dust and renews the leaves’ appearance making it look fresh and crisp. This product has no alcohol or chemical odour, and does not harm natural plant respiration. It is available in 360ml spray cans.

How do you use it?

Since leafshine is all about economising time and effort, simply spray a little amount on the leaves of your real and plastic plants, and it will instantly make them glossy. Make sure to shake the spray vigorously before use and spray at approximately 30cm. You do not need to wipe it with a cloth since it dries fast. Really, it makes caring for indoor plants and plastic plants easy on your fast-paced lifestyle. Spray twice a month to maintain a glossy clean coat.

Bring back your plants’ shine

Plants are supposed to brighten a place, and must remain so. Indeed, it is heartbreaking to see an indoor plant stripped off its glorious colour, seemingly suffering from a slow and painful death. Why not bring its glory back? Make the leaves shine!

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