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The Essential Guide To The Agapanthus

The Essential Guide To The Agapanthus

The Essential Guide To The Agapanthus

Botanical Name: Agapanthus spp.

Common Name: Agapanthus, African Lily, Lily of the Nile

General Knowledge: The Agapanthus, often known as the African Lily, originates from the southern parts of the African continent and is widely appreciated for its striking blue and purple blooms. In Australia, it's commonly utilised to add a splash of colour to gardens and as a long-lasting cut flower in floral arrangements. A fun fact about the Agapanthus is that despite its lush appearance, it is remarkably drought-resistant, making it a favourite among gardeners in Australia's varied climates.

Colour Range: The Agapanthus flower offers a spectrum from pure white to various shades of blue, including pale blue and violet blue. The 'Queen Mum' is a notable bi-colour hybrid featuring blue and white.

Australian Seasonal Availability: Available in Australia from early to late summer, making them a splendid choice for this season's floral arrangements and landscaping.

Australian Wedding and Event Season Availability: With their summer availability, Agapanthus flowers are ideal for summer weddings and outdoor events where their striking appearance and tall stature can be showcased.

Commercially Grown in Australia: Yes, they are commercially cultivated within Australia and are popular for both landscaping and cut flowers.

Imported into Australia: Generally, not imported due to their robust local growth and environmental adaptability.

Buying Tips: Choose Agapanthus when one-third of the flowers in a bunch are open. Avoid bunches where flowers fall off easily upon gentle shaking.

Typical Bunch Size: Typically sold in bunches of 10 stems.

Floral Preservatives: Should be used to increase vase life and help the buds open.

Ethylene Sensitivity: Highly sensitive; exposure can lead to petal drop.

Temperature Requirements: Maintain cool storage at 2–4 °C to keep them fresh.

Avoiding Potential Problems: Regular trimming of stems and removal of spent flowers can prolong their display life.

Cooling and Cool Rooms: Utilise cool storage to maintain freshness, particularly before buds open.

Hydration and Vase Solutions: Recut stems regularly and use a floral preservative solution to encourage flowers to open and prevent wilting.

Care of Ethylene Sensitive Products: Keep them away from fruit and other ethylene-producing products to avoid premature petal drop. 

Design Tips and Advice: Agapanthus, with its focal flower heads, works well in large displays and modern designs. It can be used in floral foam or simply arranged in vases. Miniature forms can add elegance to smaller arrangements and bridal bouquets.

Flower Maturity: Select blooms that are just starting to open to ensure the longest possible display.

Expected Vase Life: The buds will open within 4–6 days, with the flowers remaining vibrant for an additional 7–14 days with proper care.

Typical Stem Length: Ranging up to 1 meter for standard varieties, with miniature forms reaching up to 50 cm.

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