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The Essential Guide To The Chincherinchee

The Essential Guide To The Chincherinchee

The Essential Guide To The Chincherinchee

Botanical Name: Ornithogalum thyrsoides

Common Name: Chincherinchee, Star-of-Bethlehem

General Knowledge: The Chincherinchee, or Ornithogalum thyrsoides, hails from the verdant landscapes of South Africa, where it flourishes in the wild. Revered for its stunning star-shaped blooms, it's a popular choice in Australia for wedding bouquets and elegant floral arrangements, lending a touch of sophistication with its pristine white flowers. A fun fact about this plant is that despite its delicate appearance, it is surprisingly resilient and has a vase life that far exceeds many other cut flowers, often remaining fresh for up to three weeks with proper care.

Colour Range: The Chincherinchee is predominantly known for its pure white, star-shaped blossoms that may have a black or green centre.

Australian Seasonal Availability: Typically, the Chincherinchee blooms in the springtime, with availability in Australia from late winter to early summer.

Australian Wedding and Event Season Availability: Ideal for spring weddings and events, Chincherinchee’s peak season aligns with the Australian spring wedding season, making them a popular choice for bridal bouquets and centrepieces.

Commercially Grown in Australia: Yes, Chincherinchee is cultivated in Australia, ensuring fresh local supply during its growing season.

Imported into Australia: Outside of its local growing season, Chincherinchee may be imported to meet demand.

Buying Tips: For best quality, purchase Chincherinchees when at least one-third of the lower florets are open, as this indicates freshness and ensures a longer display life.

Design Tips and Advice: Chincherinchees are versatile in floral design, suitable for transitional, line, and focal points in arrangements. They are particularly effective in hand-tied bouquets, where their strong stems and distinctive blooms can be showcased. Mix them with other spring flowers for a varied and vibrant display.

Expected Vase Life: The Chincherinchee has an impressive vase life, often lasting up to two weeks or more with proper care.

Typical Stem Length: The stems are substantial, ranging from 30 to 60 centimetres, which is ideal for medium to tall arrangements.

Typical Bunch Size: They are commonly sold in bunches of 10 stems.

Floral Preservatives to Use: Use clear water with floral preservatives to extend their vase life.

Ethylene Sensitivity: These flowers are highly sensitive to ethylene, which can cause premature wilting. It is important to keep them away from fruit and other sources of ethylene.

Temperature Requirements: Chincherinchees prefer cool storage temperatures between 2–4 °C to maintain freshness.

Avoiding Potential Problems: Ensure the flowers are stored upright and not horizontally to avoid geotropism, where stems can grow in unintended directions. Uniform lighting or darkness will prevent bending towards light.

Cooling and Cool Rooms: Store in cool rooms set within the recommended temperature range.

Hydration and Vase Solutions: Place stems in clean water with preservative immediately upon receipt. If heavy paper is used for upright storage, ensure it is breathable to avoid moisture buildup.

Care of Ethylene Sensitive Products: Protect flowers from ethylene exposure by storing them away from fruits and vegetables and using ethylene inhibitors if available.

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