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Tips for Mother's Day merchandising

Tips for Mother's Day merchandising

Tips for Mother's Day merchandising

Preparing visual displays for special events is one skill that professional florists and retailers alike are very good at. Below we just want to give you a few tips for Mothers’ Day merchandising to help you ensure your displays give your customers the best experience.

  • All visual displays have an impact zone. The impact zone is a broad area that your customers focus on when they visit your store and look at your displays.
  • The central visual impact zone for any display is between 1m to 1.5 meters in distance and 1.0 to 1.5 at eye level. This means you need make sure you put your “WOW factor in that zone. These should be the items you would like your customers to buy.
  • The next area to work on is the 30cm all around your central impact zone. So once the central impact zone has drawn the customer’s attention, they will then start to look around this focal point.
  • Good retail practices ensure that shop displays are regularly updated and changed. Change your focal point every couple of weeks. Rotate stock to ensure slow moving stock is always in a different position and always looks new.

These are only a few tips that will help you get the most out of your Mother’s Day and seasonal instore or window displays.
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