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Three Unique Wedding Theme Ideas

3 Ways To Personalise Your Special Day

We all have our own unique conception of the ‘perfect’ wedding ceremony. While many of us still opt for the traditional white wedding, some couples are staging ceremonies that are a little different. For those looking to personalise their special day, and make it as distinctive as possible, here are three unique wedding theme ideas to help inspire you if you’re looking to tie the knot in a more informal, do-it-yourself kind of way.

Industrial Chic Wedding Ideas

Industrial or warehouse weddings give you a lot of scope for drama. From hosting your wedding in a vineyard, where wine barrels serve as cocktail tables, to an empty warehouse with big industrial lighting and exposed brickwork – industrial weddings can actually be very glamorous.

Industrial Wedding Chic

Middle photo credit: Weddings Of Desire

Incorporating DIY projects into your wedding preparations not saves bucket loads of money, it also allows you to personalise all aspects of the decor and design. Here are few industrial wedding ideas:

Think about splitting your space into designated areas, one for cocktails, one for signing the guestbook, a place for dancing, an area to lay out a candy buffet, and another for dining. It helps to create cosy and social areas when you’re dealing with a big space.

Call upon the services of your friends and family, and have fun making decorative items that will give your wedding a unique quality – family can also be a great source for antiques and heirlooms used to dress the space in an eclectic style, like antique chairs, gold vases, tables and lamps.

Think about how to play against the industrial and urban edges with softer romantic touches, like giant glass vases holding pillar candles (or gold vases!), a ceremony backdrop made of streams of silk flowers (this can look amazing hanging from beams overhead), or marking out a wedding aisle with dozens of tealight candles. You could even put these tealight candles in small glass milk bottles!

Use fairy lights to create romantic lighting. Decorating beams at your venue with LED fairy lights will allow you to create something magical that your guests are sure to remember.

Country Wedding Ideas

There’s nothing more relaxed than a rustic themed wedding but it can also be very chic. Country ceremonies followed by informal receptions are becoming increasingly popular, with people embracing Australian, outback or farm settings.

Country Wedding

Left and middle photo credits: Weddings Of Desire, Timbermill, Luna Imagery, White Weddings and Events

A country wedding, staged in a beautiful natural setting, does not demand the same lavishness and pomp of a traditional white wedding. All you need for a rustic wedding is your creativity, and a gorgeous natural environment. For those who love DIY projects, country wedding ideas provide a goldmine of inspiration:

Bring the countryside indoors by decorating the ceremony setting with a mix of native plants and flowers displayed in simple glass bell jars and contrasted with simple white wedding ribbon.

Seat your guests on long tables rather than individual smaller tables. Cover the tables with clean, white tablecloths and burlap runners, and wildflowers presented in cloches or glass lolly jars.

Rather than greeting your guests with stock standard wedding signs welcome your guests with chalkboard signs or cards in natural kraft outlining the day’s activities and/or menu.

There are many different ways to incorporate candles into your country wedding. For example, you can place them on old wooden step ladders along with jars of flowers; or put large candles in small rustic buckets and dot them throughout the venue; or hang tea lights in glass holders or jars from trees, beams or wall hooks.

Use old wooden furniture for both the ceremony and the reception to give your rustic wedding that uniquely country feel.

Beach Wedding Ideas

A beach theme wedding, done in good in taste, doesn’t have to cost the earth. And best of all, a seaside ceremony is easy to personalise.

Koch & Co Beach WeddingHere are few beach wedding ideas:

Do away with the traditional gown and high-heels and go down the aisle barefoot, in something simple and beachy, or vintage.

Embrace the relaxed setting and seat your guests on picnic blankets rather than chairs, as blankets help to create an informal feel but will also come in handy for when it gets cooler in the evening.

Parasols are a great way of embracing the beach aesthetic, while also providing shade for your guests. Parasols also make for a memorable wedding souvenir for your guests.

Lanterns are perfect for creating a fun, celebratory beach vibe – and this is definitely a case of the more the merrier. They’re helpful for anchoring a colour theme too.

Stage a bonfire at dusk if you can. Children will love it, adults will embrace it, and it will create a romantic setting (and gorgeous photos).

To spark some more ideas, browse our collection of artificial flowers and event decoration as well as the best soy candles Australia offer – with beautiful scents that will set the mood you’re after for your special day. Shop wedding decor, gold vases, glass milk bottles and more at Koch & Co.

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