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Vase Fillers And Décor Buying Guide

Vase Fillers And Décor Buying Guide

Vase Fillers And Décor Buying Guide


  • Decorative candles are one of the most cost-effective ways to decorate an event space.
  • Consider the position of your candles and what candle holder materials would complement the rest of your décor.
  • Tealight, votive, and pillar candle holders are the most popular choices for event decoration.
  • If decorating a dinner table with candles always choose unscented candles as the aroma from the candles won’t interfere with the smell of the food.
  • Unlike tealight candles that are contained in a cup, votive candles are bare and will burn onto the surface of the holder.
  • Pillar candles are designed to burn inwards, making them great for church services and event spaces.
  • LED Candles have a beautiful natural glow and are safe to use in any event display.
  • Adding decorative sand or stones to the bottom of your candle holder can help stabilise the candle.

Decorative candles create an ambience of natural light that invites a peaceful calm into any event. They are also one of the most cost-effective ways to decorate an event space. But with a huge selection of candle holders to choose from, how do you select the right ones? This helpful guide will explain the different selections of candles holders, and give you some simple styling tips to help inspire you.

A few things you should consider before you select your candle holders are:

  • Position
    What is the layout of your event space, and where do you want your candles to be placed? For example, you may want candles scattered along a table, or cascading down an entryway staircase. Each one of these designs will require different types of candles and candle holders.
  • Material & Finish
    You should also consider what type of material and finish you want your candle holders to have. The most popular materials for candle holders are glass, ceramic, and metal because they are durable and protect the flame of the candle. There is also a wide selection of finishes to choose from, such as mercury, mottled, metallic, chrome metallic, and pearl tints. When decoration for a wedding, clear glass is usually the most popular material choice, as it offers a clean, uniform look that doesn’t clash with the other décor.

1. Tealight Candles

Tealight candles are available in a variety of colours and scents. They are perfect for creating mood lighting, are easy to use, and are very inexpensive.

The usual burn time for a tealight candle is between 4 – 9 hours, depending on the type of tealight you have. This means the candle should burn out by the time the event has finished. Any candle holder with an internal height of less than 4cm is classified as a tealight holder, although some holders may exceed this. The size of a tealight candle is approximately 3.8cm in diameter by 1.6cm high, so it will fit nicely in a tealight holder that has an internal diameter of 4cm.

Popular styles for events include:

  • Flat Clear Glass Holders
  • Coloured Glass Holders
  • Crystal Diamond Holders
Tealight candle holders product image

Decoration Ideas:

Tealight Candle holders are a great choice for decorating a table because they don’t take up much space. If you want to dress a dinner table with tealights, unscented candles are the best option as the aroma from the candles won’t interfere with the smell of the food.

To create a beautiful tealight candle display, start by placing a table runner down the centre of your table. You can try layering a variety of materials for added texture, including calico, linen, and lace. Then arrange your tealight candle holders down the centre of the table, using the runner as a guide. You can choose to place the tealights in a straight row for a more uniformed look or zigzag them down the centre. To complete the look you can try scattering diamond vase fillers, or small flower arrangements along the table to fill in the extra space.

Tealight candle holders final

2. Votive Candles

Votive candles look like a plug of wax that measures from 3.8cm high with a 3.7cm diameter. They are longer lasting candles than tealights, with a burn time of over 20 hours. Unlike tealight candles that are contained in a plastic or metal cup, votive candles are bare and will burn onto the surface of the holder. They are available in a variety of scented candles, plain white candles, and coloured candles.

Any holder with an internal height above 4cm is classified as a votive holder. Votive candles should fit snug into a candle holder that is approximately 5.5cm to 6cm high, allowing the flame to flicker over the lip of the glass. As the wax melts, the flame will become lower and flicker inside the candle holder, creating more mood lighting.

Popular styles for events include:

  • Diamond Pattern Glass Holders
  • Clear Heirloom Glass Holders
  • Mason Jars
  • Arena Glass Holders
Votive Holders Final

Decoration Ideas:

Because they have a stronger flame than tealight candles, votive candles can be used to illuminate darker spaces of your event. One space that is usually overlooked is the pathway leading to the reception area. Votive candles in Mason Jars can be a beautiful and safe way of lighting up your event entryway. To create this look, place your votive candles inside the mason jars and line them up 50cm apart from each other to create a clear pathway to the reception area. To complete the look you can try adding some decorative artificial flowers and greenery around the base of the jars.

Mason Jar display final

3. Pillar Candles

Pillar candles vary in size and diameter and come in several heights. The size will determine the burn time and these instructions can be found on the supplier’s care labels. The best thing about Koch & Co pillar candles is that they burn inwards creating a well of wax that eliminates dripping. This makes them perfect for churches and event spaces.

Pillar candles create a peaceful atmosphere, giving a timeless and traditional appearance to your space. They are available in white or coloured options and work well with lanterns, candle plates & mirrors, and glass vases.

Popular styles for events include:


Decoration Ideas:

Pillar candles are fantastic for creating stylish centrepieces or big installations. One of the most popular installations using pillar candles is a cascading staircase display. To create this look choose 9 – 13 cylinder glass vases and pillar candles in different heights and widths. Always make sure you are using an odd number of vases and candles to achieve the desired look. When the vases and candles are arranged down the staircase, scatter some preserved moss and artificial flowers around the outside of the vases to complete the look. You can also try adding some decorative sand or river pebbles to the base of the vases. This will not only add to the overall look but will help stabilise the pillar candles.

Pillar Candle display

4. LED Candles

If you want to take the work out of burning candles and want something that can be reused multiple times, LED Candles are a fantastic choice. Available in both Pillar Candle and Tealight designs, these candles are safe, cost-effective and can be used in any type of candle holder.

The only downside to using LED Candles is that they require their batteries to be changed, which can become a tedious task depending on the quantity you have. Besides this, LED Candles have a beautiful natural glow that provides the same (if not better) mood lighting as normal wax candles.

Popular styles for events include:

Decoration Ideas:

Because they don’t have a naked flame, LED Candles can be safely used in any setting. A popular choice is to display LED candles under flower arrangements as table centrepieces or ceremony decorations. To make this design you will need an open flower stand with room at the bottom for your candles to be placed. Create a small to medium bouquet and place it on the top of the stand. Then position a collection of LED Pillar Candles in different heights at the base. To complete the look you can add some extra decorative artificial flowers or greenery around the candles to match the top bouquet.

LED Candle Centrepiece

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your different candle holders. Get creative with your event themes and decide what is right for your space. For more information about candle care, read our Paraffin Wax Candle FAQ page and our other Koch Blog article Candle Burning Tips: How To Get the Most Out of Your Candles.

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