• Balloon Time Standard Helium Tank Kit (2.5kg) (25x25x43cmH)

Balloon Time Standard Helium Tank Kit (2.5kg) (25x25x43cmH)

Make fun, floating party balloons with this is a portable standard helium tank kit, which includes 30 colourful of the 9 inch latex balloons and a spool of white curling ribbon. With 8.9 ft3 of helium and air mixture, the portable cylinder will fill up to 30 of the 9 inch latex balloons, 14 of the 12 inch latex balloons or 18 of the 17 inch foil or mylar balloons. Latex balloons will float approximately 5-7 hours. Foil balloons will float for approximately 4 days. Fill balloons approximately 1-2 hours prior to event.

See related resources for safety precautions and FAQ on helium tanks.

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Colours: Assorted Colours

Types: Balloon Accessories

Shapes: Other Occasions Balloons

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