• Flower Food & Flower Preservative - Chrysal Professional 3 Powder 2.0kg Bucket

Chrysal Professional 3 Powder 2.0kg Bucket

This flower food is widely used by florists and wholesale bouquet makers. Chrysal Professional ensures flowers' full development and extended vase life of up to 60% longer than water does without preservatives. It also promotes the bud opening of immature flowers, e.g. carnations. Suitable for all vase or foam arrangements. It dissolves clearly in water and is odourless. Optimal treatment dose is 10 grams per litre of water. The product has no expiry date. Please keep it always dry before use.

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Details and Dimensions

Colours: Clear

Types: Preservative Chrysal

Shapes: Bucket

Packaging: Single

Finishes: Liquid

Sold individually, 6 in a carton