• Lanterns & Hanging Candle Holders - Lantern Deluxe Stainless Steel Silver (11x29.5cmH)

Lantern Deluxe Stainless Steel Silver (11x29.5cmH)

With a sleek design, this elegant lantern is made from stainless steel and has glass panels. The front panel opens allowing access to decorate the interior. Measures 29.5cm tall. The deluxe stainless steel range is available in 2 different styles and sizes.


Warning: Top of lantern may be hot whilst candles are burning and shortly after they have been extinguished.

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Details and Dimensions

Colours: Metallic Silver

Type: Decorative Candle Accessories

Scent: Lanterns & Hanging Candle Holders

Packaging: Single

Finishes: Metal

Sold individually, 8 in a carton