• Large Wooden Urns Set of 3 Grey Wash (39cmDx36cmH)

Large Wooden Urns Set of 3 Grey Wash (39cmDx36cmH)

Durable and sturdy with a built-in plastic liner, this set of oval flower baskets is perfect for rustic and vintage themed events and occasions. Also suitable for semi-enclosed spaces to refresh the overall look.

Large Planter Size: 70cm length x 23cm width x 15cm height
Large Planter Base Size: 65cm length x 19cm width
Medium Planter Size: 60cm length x 18cm width x 13.5cm height
Medium Planter Base Size: 56cm length x 14.5cm width
Small Planter Size: 51cm length x 13cm width x 11.5cm height
Small Planter Base Size: 47cm length x 11cm width

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Details and Dimensions

Colours: Mid grey

Sizes: Willow

Shapes: Rectangle

Packaging: Set of 3

Finishes: Natural

Sold individually, 2 in a carton