• Premium Scented Jar Candle Jasmine & Cherry (7x9.5cmH)

Premium Scented Jar Candle Jasmine & Cherry (7x9.5cmH)

Candle type: paraffin wax

Packaging details: Cardboard sleeve wrapped around a stylish coloured glass jar, lid included. Sold as a single item.

Features: Candle sits within a beautiful coloured glass jar featuring a rippled pattern on the outside. The colour of the wax is light cream. Jar can be reused once candle is finished. Burn time of scented jar candle is 30 hrs. Wick is made from cotton.

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Details and Dimensions

Colours: Soft Blue

Type: Flower Fragrance

Scent: Jasmine

Packaging: Single

Finishes: Smooth

Sold individually, 24 in a carton