• Sealing Machine (300×80×130mm) 220V

Sealing Machine (300×80×130mm) 220V

Use this sealing machine to seal all foil balloons, flower sleaves and cello bags. The machine can seal products up to 200mm in length and 0.2mm in thickness, with a sealing line width of 2mm. The machine functions on impulse sealing, so no power is consumed while the sealer is not being used but still plugged in. Adjust the heat time according to the thickness and material used, and have products sealed in 2-5 seconds. It comes with one spare heating element and in depth instructions for proper use. Please note that the machine is not suitable on a wet surface. Please keep all parts of the machine and the balloons dry for optimal use.

For Koch & Co Balloons and Plastics:
1. Adjust the heat knob to a level of 3-5.
2. Line the balloon/plastic bag on the heating surface, press and hold the knob down until light turns off.
3. Release the knob and allow the balloon/plastic to cool for 5 secs. Once all is completed, the balloon will have a full seal.


Voltage: 220V/50W
Power: 200W
Heat Time: 0.2-1.3 Seconds
Sealing Length: 200mm/Width 2mm/Thickness 0.2mm

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Details and Dimensions

Colours: Mid Blue

Types: Plastic

Shapes: Square

Packaging: Single

Finishes: Gloss

Sold individually, 10 in a carton