• Strass Designer IDEAL Floral Foam 2 Bricks (27.5x32x23cmH)

Strass Designer IDEAL Floral Foam 2 Bricks (27.5x32x23cmH)

This is a pack of two half sized floral foam bricks out of the Designer IDEAL range. Supports the arrangement elements and keeps flowers watered. Important to hydrate wet floral foam correctly to avoid trapping air within the foam. When hydrated, wet floral foam can be cut and shaped with a knife, but when dry it is usually too fragile to be worked with easily.


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Details and Dimensions

Colours: Mid Green

Types: Wet Floral Foam Accessories

Shapes: STRASS Brand

Packaging: Carton

Finishes: Foam Only

Sold individually, 2 in a carton