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Dried & Preserved Amaranthus - Preserved Dried Amaranthus Flower 80-120cm Light Pink
Preserved Dried Amaranthus Flower 80-120cm Light Pink
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Dried & Preserved Amaranthus

Amaranthus is a type of perennial plant that has a lot to offer in terms of dressing up a floral arrangement or adding to the decor of an event. Their long, wispy nature when they have been dried is especially pleasing to look at; a dried Amaranthus adds something ethereal and dreamy to any bouquet or decoration. By filling out your flower arrangements with preserved Amaranthus, you can give it more depth and visual intrigue, making it stand out among any other floral arrangements you may have. 

Here at Koch & Co, we offer preserved Amaranthus wholesale for you to enjoy. When you buy a lot of the dried Amaranthus at once, it ensures you have plenty to work with when you are decorating your home or your event. Not only this, but buying dried Amaranthus wholesale will also save you plenty of time and money since you won't have to buy each piece individually. 

No matter what you hope to use your dried Amaranthus for, you will find the perfect bunch of it here at Koch & Co. We offer dried Amaranthus in a number of colours for you to choose from, each one natural and subtle but perfect for sprucing up your flower arrangements. Choose from beige, cream, light pink or white hues, all of which measure between 80 and 120 centimetres. With their universal size and their diverse colour options, creating streamlined but unique bouquets has never been easier.

Buy your preserved Amaranthus from Koch & Co today and we will deliver them to your door Australia wide in no time! 

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