Gifts & Decorative Planters

Looking for something creative and trendy to decorate your home and garden? We carry a variety of gift and decorative planters with interesting designs for indoor and outdoor decoration purposes.
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Decor Shovel with 2 Natural Planters (29x85cmH)
$14.75 ea
$7.38 ea buy 2 +
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Transform a plain wall or a simple outdoor space with a decorative shovel with wicker planters paired with potted flowers and herbs. Freestanding wicker baskets can add old world charm to your home and garden and they come in creative designs such as tricycles, standing shovels and coffee pots.
Our decorative planters all come with a wicker basket that includes a plastic liner. We only carry high quality products that we import ourselves. This means that we can make sure our manufacturers always make our decorative planters with the utmost care and from the best materials.