Helium Balloons & Accessories

Everyone loves helium balloons. We recognise them as a symbol of fun and happiness from an early age. At Koch & Co, we stock party balloons and a range of balloon accessories such as helium tanks and balloon pumps that will help bring out your inner child. We import our balloons and balloon accessories ourselves, making sure that they are made with care, attention to detail and the best materials.
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Foil Balloons - Foil Balloon 17 (42.5cm Dia) STAR Congratulations Silver
$2.75 ea
$2.48 ea buy 5 +
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This ensures that all the party balloons we stock are of the highest quality. Importing them directly also means we can sell them to you at wholesale prices. Balloons are great for so many different occasions. They can be used for celebrations or even just to bring some light into someone's day.
We make sure to stock a variety of helium balloons including latex balloons and foil balloons to suit every occasion: birthdays, children’s parties, Valentine’s Day, office parties and more. We also stock balloon ribbons, balloon sticks, balloon weights and sprays, and more.  At Koch & Co, we can help you create happy memories with our helium balloons and accessories, explore our collection today.