Wholesale Flowers

Frequently Asked Questions                                                SHOP FRESH FLOWERS ONLINE

How to pre-order fresh flowers?
Place your order online before 9am every Friday and have your order delivered or ready to be picked up 14 days after the cut off date (by Friday). Please check if we deliver to your area. Please contact us by noon (pm) Friday to change or cancel pre-ordered fresh flowers. If you cancel your order after Friday 12pm, you will be charged a 20% cancellation fee.


Which areas will you deliver to?
We deliver by same day courier to all Sydney Metropolitan areas.
We deliver to areas outside Sydney via our courier Direct Freight Express to destinations that are an overnight delivery.
You are welcome to arrange your own courier pick up.
Our fresh flower delivery areas include:

• Albury
• Brisbane
• Canberra
• Gold Coast
• Gosford
• Melbourne
• Newcastle
• Sydney
• Tweed Heads
• Wollongong

We also deliver to the following postcodes within NSW: 2324, 2328 to 2333, 2336, 2337 to 2346, 2350 to 2356, 2358 to 2359, 2420 to 2446, 2533 to 2535, 2540 to 2541, 2568 to 2578, 2773 to 2790, 2791 to 2820, 2830, 2842 to 2844, 2845 to 2847, 2848 to 2871


Why buy fresh flowers from us?
We have been listening to our customers who have been asking us to supply high quality fresh flowers at wholesale prices. Our imported flowers come from the best high altitude Kenyan and Columbian farms. We know how time poor our customers can be and we have developed a system to allow them to get the best quality fresh flowers delivered directly to their door.


How can I buy fresh flowers?
• Pre-order online.
• Pre-order with your sales rep.
• Pre-order via our customer service.
• Pre-orders are guaranteed deliveries.
If you do not wish to pre-order, you can visit our store or call us to find out what stock we have available on the floor at the time of your order.


How do I change or cancel my order?
If you need to change or cancel your pre-order fresh flowers please call customer service on 1300 555 624. Any changes or cancelations to your fresh flower order need to be made by the following days:

• Friday 9am - last orders accepted
• Friday 12pm - last chance to change or cancel pre-order fresh flowers
• Friday 14 days after the cut off date - pre-ordered fresh flowers delivered

If you cancel your order after Friday 12pm you will be charged a 20% cancelation fee.


Why do your prices change for bigger quantities purchased?
We reward customers for volume purchases by offering lower prices.


Is there a minimum order amount?
The minimum amount for fresh flower pre-orders is $50.00 excluding GST.


Do I have to buy the bulk quantities to get better prices or can I mix my order?
You must buy colour and quantity to receive price breaks.


What is an online pre-order coupon?
To ensure best service and prices, we encourage and reward pre-orders with lower prices. Enter your pre-order coupon code at checkout for a further discount online.


Do you guarantee your quality?
We guarantee that all our flowers are premium quality. We are happy to give you full credit if you are unsatisfied.


Can I see samples of your fresh flowers?
The best way to see samples is by placing an order. If you're not happy, we will give you a full credit or refund.


Are you photos online an accurate representation of your fresh flowers?
We have taken the best quality photo of the actual flowers. Our farms do a great job of offering consistency but colours may be subject to slight variation.


What is your credit and return policy?
Claims for credit need to be requested strictly within 48 hours otherwise we can not report the issues to the farm.


How are the flower orders packed?
All orders are delivered exactly as we receive them from the farm directly. The flowers are dry packed. Once your flowers arrive you need to trim and hydrate them ready for sale. Hydration takes 6-8 hours.


Can I order my flowers hydrated?
If you prefer your flowers hydrated you will need to let us know when placing your order. Please allow an extra day for us to hydrate your flowers. Hydrated flowers are only available for pickup.


How long should your flowers last?
We have tested our flowers. Once hydrated they can last 7 to 10 days, provided they have been cared for correctly.


What are your freight charges?
Freight will depend on your volume spend. For example, $200 of fresh flowers delivered to Melbourne or Brisbane would cost $20 in freight. To find out the freight charges to your area, enter your order online and click check out for freight charges.


Can I organise a courier to pick my order up?
Yes, just place your order online as a pick up order and advise us accordingly.


Can I pick my flowers up in store?
Yes, please advise us if you wish to pick up and we can have your order ready.


Are your pre-order delivery dates reliable?
We have a good record for timely deliveries.
There are times that we cannot control exact delivery of imported flowers for a number of reasons.
If our suppliers delivery runs late, we will advise you.


Can I have a standing repeat order every week?
Yes, you can. Save time and place a repeating order in advance and we can deliver every week.


Will my fresh flowers be delivered with my sundries?
We cannot guarantee that fresh flowers will be delivered together with your other goods because they are perishable and we cannot afford delays.
As such, please allow separate freight charges for flowers and sundries.


Can I discuss my special fresh flower needs with you?
We welcome your feedback. Please feel free to discuss your needs, bulk orders, special colours and other varieties of fresh flowers with us.


Why are the flowers I received slightly different from my original order?
Because fresh flowers are a natural product, there is no guarantee about availability. What we order might differ from what we receive due to weather phenomenon and seasonal availability. If the original order cannot be fulfilled, our suppliers will deliver substitute bunches and product variations could include stem length, colour or head size.