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Tint It Spray Paint

TintIT Design Master Spray is a rich and vibrant transparent sheer fast drying spray paint that will retain the accents of the surface it is covering. Great for tinting and layering of colours.

What is Design Master TintIT™ Spray?

TintIT is a translucent dye that dries to a satin finish, is sheer, acid free and non-toxic when dry. This unique spray offers endless design opportunities. TintIT™ is available in eight bright sheers and two special effect hues and will tint almost any surface. Its main features are that it will tint wood, dye fabrics, tint glass and ceramic and is safe on all types of paper.

You can apply the colours on raw or pre-painted surfaces and it is sheer enough not to hide the underlying details of the surface and additional coats will deepen the colour.

You can layer it, blend it and tint many surfaces. It is especially affective on white surfaces. Very easy to use and create variegated, spritz and highlighted finishes.

This spray is very effective on paper, chipboard, canvas and Styrofoam surfaces. A cool feature is that it will not curl the paper once applied.

TintIT is one of the best sprays for dying fresh flowers and is also very effective for dying artificial flowers and fabrics.

A great spray for tinting colours on glass flower vases and ceramic pots.

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