2 Beautiful Ways to Present Merry Christmas Hampers

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Christmas Hamper Wrapping Ideas

So much of what’s associated with Christmas is about giving, and we wanted to share how a hamper gift basket is a perfect way to give more. Along with being presented in style, the baskets can be repurposed, which is a huge tick for everyone. Previously, we shared our love for creating a DIY gift hamper and coffee themed hamper, so we’ve narrowed down two different looks for the festive period. One is wrapped with cello for a professional finish that sits safely under the Christmas tree and the other is perfect when visiting family and friends over the holiday season.

Hamper gifts wrapped with style

Sometimes, it’s tricky to fit all the goodies inside the basket and assemble them neatly. This is where sheets of cello come in handy. Cello allows you to wrap your hamper basket without being too picky about how the contents are laid out inside. It also gives the hamper gift an expert finish. Choose Christmas cello design to match your hamper theme and watch the elements come together for an impressionable sight (under the tree!). We used a small to medium basket to allow more room when it comes to wrapping. Bring in the short sides of your wrap and lay them flat over your hamper, sealing them with clear tape. Then, pick up two long ends, and gather the cellophane to form bunches on each side. Lastly, grab the tails of the cello bunch to ensure your wrap is tight before tying with a ribbon to finish.

Note: If you decide to use rolls of cello instead, cut at least two and a half lengths as long as your hamper’s longest side. It’s much easier to work with more wrap than not having enough.

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Products that work with this hamper basket include: 1/ Christmas Cello 2/ Wooden Planters 3/ Diamante Tealight Candle Holder 4/ Christmas Bauble Pick in Silver 5/ 20Hr Pillar Candles 6/ Berry Spray in Red 7/ Metallic Diamond Ribbon in Red

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Show off a basketful of surprises

This is a gorgeous look you can easily achieve. Picnic baskets are perfect for taking to a family Christmas lunch, dinner or work function, and not worry about too much excitement around the Christmas tree. A trick we recommend is to place the heavier or larger items in the bottom followed by the lighter items on the top (don’t forget wood wool, paper shred and tissue paper as filler options). Finally, accessorise with Christmas decorations, such as a standout ribbon and Christmas pick for a hamper that brings festive smiles all-around.

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Try using: 1/ Premium Straw Baskets in Natural 2/ Cinnamon Sticks 3/ Country Checkered Gift Bag 4/ Christmas Novelty Pick in Gold 5/ Wood Wool Shred 6/ Chevron Poly Jute Ribbon in Gold

Christmas Hamper Alternatives

There are many baskets to choose from, from fabric and Christmas themed sleighs to wooden crates which can be paired with our gift packaging options. Keep in mind that you want the contents to look generous, so make sure you have enough filler and your basket isn’t so big that the products get swamped. Just have a quick think about your product choice or theme (even a colour theme helps!) and once completed, you’ll want to receive one too. Happy gift-giving!

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