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Discover The Seven Amazing Finishes In Our Koch Spray Paint Range

Harness colour like never before with our Koch & Co Professional Floral and Craft Design Spray Paint. This is our premium spray paint range, designed for use by florists, events professionals, and crafters. Read on for information about the product features that will make for simple work with a professional finish.

With a sensitive formula and fine mist spray, applying even colour has never been this easy. Use our collection of 34 trendy colours in glossy, matte, metallic, metal, glitter, frost, and satin matte finishes on everything from glass to fresh flowers! Explore our versatile collection of premium paints with the guide below to find the shade to match your next project. 

Metallic Colour Collection

If you need high-quality metallic spray paint that is highly pigmented with a glimmering metallic sheen, look no further! Our metallic range of Floral Event Craft Spray Paint will give a premium finish that adds depth and dimension, as well as a glamourous accent to your projects. Available in five shades, this range covers all bases when it comes to choosing the right metallic paint for your project. Our range of metallic spray paint is made up of the following:

  • 24KT Pure Gold: A rich and warm tone of gold that has copper undertones.
  • 14KT Gold: A warm tone of yellow gold.
  • Champagne Gold: Our coolest tone of gold.
  • Rose Gold: A deep rose gold that has strong tones of copper.
  • Silver: A deep tone of silver that leans towards steely grey.

Metal Colour Collection

This range differs from our metallic collection in subtle, yet important ways. Use our metal colour spray paints for a shiny, metallic gleam with none of the sparkle or glitter. Perfect for a glamorous aesthetic, as well as more industrial-style projects, our Metal Colour Collection fills a unique niche. Available in silver and gold, this range covers the classics:

  • Metal Silver: Gleaming with high levels of shine, this is a classic shade of silver.
  • Metal Gold: Warm and slightly less reflective, this spray leans towards leans towards a brass finish.

Glitter Colour Collection

Our glitter colour collection offers smooth colour coverage with a micro glitter sheen. Not dissimilar to a pearlescent finish, this range is well-suited to a softer ‘metallic’ project. Available in silver and gold, this range covers the classics:

  • Glitter Silver: Gleaming with high levels of shine, this is a classic shade of silver.
  • Glitter Gold: Warm and slightly less reflective, this spray leans towards leans towards a brass finish.

Perfect Colour Collection

Designed with a satin matte finish, our highly pigmented spray paints are available in a spectrum of colours popular with florists and crafters. With product features like a smooth and clean satin matte finish, this range of Koch & Co spray paint makes it easier than ever to achieve a professional-looking result. Well-suited to both textural and smooth surfaces, our range of Perfect Colour spray paints is made up of the following colours: 

  • Bright Coral: A vivid tone of pink that leans towards watermelon.
  • Emerald Green: A deep and cool-toned shade of green.
  • Aqua: A cool yet electric shade of light blue.
  • Nude: A warm neutral with pink undertones.
  • Yellow: A strong and vibrant buttercup yellow.
  • Sky Blue: A vibrant light sky blue.
  • Sage: A light and cool hue of sage.
  • Purple: A deep and dark shade of purple reminiscent of eggplant.
  • Hot Pink: Leaning towards magenta, this is a hot pink that is vibrant yet matchable with many colours. 
  • Light Purple: A very light and cool purple hue with strong blue undertones.
  • Ivory: Creamy and milky in appearance.
  • Navy Blue: A slightly warm shade of navy blue that isn’t too dark to be discernable.
  • Orange: A light and bright orange.
  • Pretty Pink: A classic baby pink that is soft yet unmistakably pink.
  • French Blue: A pigmented deep sky blue that is slightly darker and richer than our Sky Blue variety.
  • Burgundy Red: A warm and light shade of burgundy red.
  • Blooming Pink: A slightly neutral shade of pink with creamy undertones. 
  • Berry Red: Rich red that is deeper than a traditional fire engine red.
  • Basil: A deep and earthy tone of green.

Light Grey Primer

When working with lighter hues in particular, applying a neutralising primer spray can minimise the number of coats necessary for even coverage. When going from a darker shade to a lighter hue, we recommend applying a coat of light grey primer spray.

Matte Colour Collection

When working with matte finishes, a smooth finish is everything. Enjoy even coverage with our matte black and white colour range. These essential colours have a less shiny finish that catches the light in a unique way that is well-suited to use for projects that have a minimalistic aesthetic. 

Gloss Colour Collection

Complete with a smooth, glossy finish, these highly-pigmented white and black spray paints give a classically shiny finish. This range is well-suited to surfaces that would benefit from a gleaming look that catches the light, such as smooth glass and ceramic surfaces. Surfaces such as these have the smooth surface that gives these paints the opportunity to showcase their shiny gloss finish.


Make clear and glossy-finish glass surfaces opaque with this convenient frost finish spray. Make surfaces matte with a coat of this spray. Light frost-painted glass from within for a warm, diffused glow.

Usage tips: 

Apply a thinner coat of spray paint from further away to achieve partial coverage that still shows the underlying colour of your surface. To give a speckled look to your surface, apply an even lighter coat of paint from this distance. This ‘light coat from greater distance’ technique is also useful for blending one colour of spray paint into another. 

Koch & Co’s Professional Floral and Craft Design Spray Paint ranges provide a wide range of colours and finishes that are ideal for both DIY and professional-level projects. Whether you prefer a metallic, matte, or glossy finish, with so many helpful product features, at Koch & Co, we have the perfect spray paint for you.

For more information about the product features of Koch & Co spray paints, read our blog Introducing our NEW Koch & Co Professional Floral & Craft Design Spray Paint Range!

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