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A Frame Chalkboards

When you are decorating for your wedding, birthday party, dinner party or other event that gathers guests, the aesthetic decorations are not the only ones you should consider. The practical decorations such as a chalkboard A frame sidewalk sign also is important; these signs are what catch the attention of the guests and relays to them important information. These signs can also have cute messages on them that help to celebrate the event in question, such as the names of the bride and groom at a wedding or the birthday girl or boy at a party. 

An A frame chalkboard allows you to display this information with ease and without the need to hang it up on any walls. Instead, you can use these chalkboards as they come, since they stand up all on their own on the ground. An outdoor A frame chalkboard is especially beneficial for greeting your guests, as you can place them along the car park areas to direct them to the venue, at the entryway of the venue to welcome them, in the reception area to get them familiar with the dinner menu or anywhere else that you want to make a statement. 

At Koch & Co, we offer various A frame chalkboard varieties. Each sidewalk sign comes with a sturdy wood frame that elevates its appearance while also helping to fortify the board itself. Browse our collection of A Frame chalkboard options today to help you get ready for your next event.

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