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Submersible LED Lights - LED Floating Tealight 3.5x4cmH White Pack 12
LED Floating Tealight 3.5x4cmH White Pack 12
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Submersible LED Lights - Submersible Illuminating LED Centrepiece Warm White 7cmD
Submersible Illuminating LED Centrepiece Warm White 7cmD
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Submersible LED Lights

Lighting plays a huge role in creating an indoor or outdoor setting that you and your guests will love to be in. Whether you are planning to decorate for a wedding, party or banquet, the lights you use can make or break the table settings and displays. One of the most unique ways to make your event memorable is with submersible LED lights, such as submersible tealight candles. These tealights offer a modern take on lighting and will charm your guests with underwater lights like they've never seen before. 

At Koch & Co, we offer submersible candles and floating LED tea lights that bring together lights and water in an exciting new way. Our submersible tea lights come in a variety of styles and colours so that you can set the scene exactly as you like it to match the rest of the decor. This is typically made possible with the included remote control with colour indicators that make it simple for you to choose their appearance. With the ease and uniqueness of such lights, it becomes easier than ever to make your space stand out and your event successful.

Whether you submerge the tealights in water or choose floating LED lights instead, they are sure to impress. Through Koch & Co, you can find the types of lights and candles you are looking for with ease. Shop our variety of submersible tealight candles that we have available as well as our other submersible LED lights and begin planning the unique decorations for your events today.

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