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Tabletop Christmas Trees

Our decorative tabletop Christmas trees are the perfect ornaments to enhance your Christmas decorations this Festive Season. We stock a wide range of popular wooden small Christmas trees for a natural touch. Ceramic decorative Christmas trees and metal Christmas trees will also make nice additions to your Christmas scene.

Small tabletop artificial Christmas trees are a great addition to any workplace or home that has limited space or wants to create multiple displays around the home. You can use our small decorative Christmas trees for mantle arrangements, coffee table arrangements, nativity displays and much more. 

Try our decorative small tabletop Christmas trees with LED lights to give a modern-style look. To add the same effect to a traditional tabletop Christmas tree, browse our LED light range which includes LED tealights, fairy lights and other accessories

We stock decorative Christmas trees online and we ship Australia wide, including the main metro areas. Our decorative Christmas trees for sale will undoubtedly attract attention in your shop, window display or at home. Add Christmas Ornaments or Christmas Wreaths to your scene to complete the look.

How to decorate a Christmas table?

Decorating a table with small Christmas trees like Christmas tabletop trees can bring the classic feel of Christmas into dining rooms or any other part of the house. Small decorative Christmas trees for mantle areas are a common option, and they can make the fireplace feel cozy and at home. Alongside getting any small tabletop Christmas trees, you can also choose to decorate the table using little ornaments, garlands, and candles. The candles can be decorated to your liking to help personalise your display and make them stand out on the tables. Small gift-shaped decorations can also add to the building excitement for kids to open presents on Christmas morning.

How to decorate a tabletop Christmas tree?

Tabletop Christmas trees have just as much opportunity to decorate as a standard sized Christmas tree; they are just miniaturised, so the decorations will need to be smaller in size. Small tabletop artificial Christmas trees can benefit from the same types of decorations as a standard Christmas tree, such as small baubles, tinsel, and tiny candy canes. Decorate them in the same way that you would any other Christmas tree and start at the top, putting much of your focus there to make the tree come to life. You can also decorate its base with some colourful fabric to give it even more personality.

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