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Paper Napkins

Throwing a party comes down to the decorations to make it one that stands out whether it is for a birthday party, a wedding reception or any other social event. Often, when people think of party decorations, they leave out party supplies like paper napkins in place of only thinking about the actual decor itself. Paper party napkins can go a long way toward helping you decorate your party while also serving a practical purpose, making them an important addition to any table. 

At Koch & Co, we sell a range of wholesale party napkins for you to choose from. Thanks to the many coloured paper napkins wholesale units we have, you can easily match the colour of the napkin to the party tableware and decorations around it. In this way, the table becomes as much a part of the decor as anything else.

Our party napkins come in all sorts of colours, including pink and blue for a whimsical touch on a birthday party for a little boy or girl. We also offer black, gold and silver party napkins in bulk for the occasions you want to dress up a little more. If you want to keep your party supplies napkins neutral, we also offer standard white.

Our bulk serviettes are available to be shipped all over Australia, making us your one stop shop for all of the birthday party napkins you could need. Browse our collection of bulk napkins today to find the best ones for your party.

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